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Pain in my ribs!!! :-(

hi ladies

So i know our bodies are designed to change whilst pregnant & they're will be days when u feel 100% fabulous or at a all time low but ive been havin the most annoying "niggling" pain in the right side of my ribs all day. Im 14+wks gone so im guessing its just down to the growth & movement of the baby. When i try to lie down or something it just feels very tense & uncomfortable.

I tried applying some muscle pain balm to the area but it didnt work for very long (all of about 10mins).

I think im just a bit fed up today.

Has anyone else experienced this. xx

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Hi Abenaa

I remember specifically having the same rib pains at around the same time. It is irritating and uncomfortable but it will ease off. Think it is just your ligaments etc stretching to make space for bubba. It didn't last long for me so hopefully it won't for you either :-)

If it gets worse or doesn't ease off I'd just check with your gp or midwife and see if they can suggest anything. Hope u feel better very soon Hun.



Thanks hun

It's definetely good to know someone else went through the same thing at around the same time.

Im sure i'll be fine just like you.



I totally sympathise, I been suffering with this for probably last month I have forgotten now, I just know it gets worse as the day goes on and not comfortable even on my way into work on the train in the mornings (am 23weeks).

I did a posting on here about it and like you only on the right side. I have found the only thing that helps me is to remove the bra when I get in. Today I have purchased some bra extenders to see if that helps too and take a little of the pressure off. I saw my midwife today and mentioned it and to be honest she really couldn't offer any advice. X


Good idea! I guess the best thing about it now is that im studying from home so, i havent been wearing a bra. I have a few sports bras which are major comfortable at the moment too. xx :-)

Hope your pain eases soon.


i have that and i actually spoke to my midwife yesterday and asked if it was normal and she was like totally, it is just tht, where ur body is expanding and stretching and doing all kinds of wonderful things she just said if the pain gets soo bad and it stops you doing everyday tasks then give the day unit a call and see what they think. but yeh i now cant sleep on my right side coz it is too uncomfy xx


Time to get a bigger bra! I had the same pain and disappeared almost as soon as I bought a bigger and more comfortable bra size .. X


I've also have this pain in my left side... Kind of a stabbing pain and also numbness/tingling on the skin in the area. Mentioned it to the midwife & she wasn't concerned but told me to book an apt with the physio department. I have an apt at 10:30 this morn so fingers crossed they'll have some answers. I've had this pain daily for about 5 weeks and am now 25 weeks so find it hard to believe its just stretching and is definitely not related to wearing a bra... I'll let you know the outcome! X


i am 24 weeks and have been going swimming and it really helps, nothing to strenuous but u can move much more freely in water. a lot of it will be down to stretching as lets face it its quite a big thing to fit into a small space, got to give somewhere. x


So had my physio appointment and was told that 3 of my ribs had rotated, the tingling sensation was from inflammation of the supporting muscles. I've had my ribs manipulated back into place and have been given some exercises to do... Also was told to use an ice pack 2-3 times a day to help ease inflammation. The exercises I've been given are

1- lean back on a chair (to arch back & stretch abdomen, I have a desk job!)

2- lay on pain free side, with a pillow under waist & stretch the arm.

I hope those helps!

I really would recommend going to see a physio, the lady I saw was lovely & extremely helpful! X


Oh wow! I remember using No.2 last night "lay on pain free side / use pillows under waist by ribs.

Thanks for the info though, very helpful & will definetely try a few streching exercises.



Hi Abenaa

I've had severe rib flare since week 12 and am now in week 28. I know my bra has contributed but I get the pain even when at home and not wearing one. Aside from lying down, I personally haven't found anything else that eases the pain but just wanted to message to say that you are not alone! xx


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