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Small baby


I'm 37 weeks and growth scans are showing the baby as 'too small'. I found out today that they might have to induce me 1-2 weeks early and I'm really worried about the effect this might have on the baby.

Wouldn't it be best to leave her in to grow longer? I have no idea what will happen and I'm also really worried that she'll have to be hooked up to machines and everything if I have to be induced.

Estimated weights put her at 5lbs 3 now, 2 weeks ago she was at 4lbs 4. Surely leaving her alone until my due date she should gain at least another 1lb and be a safe and happy baby?

I have a doppler scan in a week to check my placenta is working ok, and they say that even if everything is ok, they may still induce me.

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No - she needs to come out. If she is unexpectedly and consistently small, it does suggest your placenta is beginning to fail to support your pregnancy. Although she may carry on growing, something catastrophic may also happen. At 37 weeks, she will be able to cope as well as a true full term baby. My uterine artery dopplers are shocking ( RI of 0.61, with notching ) and will probably be delivered at 37 weeks too. The suggestion to deliver suggests a shift in the risk:benefit analysis towards getting her out. Xx

My second baby was induced at 37 wks 3 days as scans showed she was small for her dates. She had absolutely no problems following the birth and was born weighing 5lb 13oz. She's now 13 years old and will probably overtake me in height by the end of the year :-) I also had my reservations, but looking back being induced was exactly the right decision.

Hi, my baby stopped growing so there brought her out just under 36 wks, I was given steroids at 34 wks, she was born at 3lb 13 oz, she had to go special baby unit but only for a heated cot she had nothing else! Just becoz small doesn't mean gunna have problems n have to have tubes, my wee girl is now 10 wks old and weight is 9lb 8 oz she still looks very small but doing amazing! There was nothing wrong with my placenta they said sometimes babies just stop growing! Only thing I would say is that they told me where going to induce me but would prob end in section as labour stresses small babies out so I refused and said just give me the section and avoid putting her at risk! It was the right thing for my baby! Also I wouldn't worry bout being induce as baby will b 38 wks so lungs and everything fully developed nt classed as premature passed 37 wks just as having low birth weight, hope hearing how well my tiny tot did has helped, it be fine if they were really worried bout baby it would b here now they would nt leave u, I got admitted the sat n she here Monday x

I was induced at 36 weeks as i had a few health complications and they said baby was showing small on the scan (5lbs) My little boy weighed 7lb 1oz when born, a healthy baby weight so they don't always get it right! He'd have been a whopper if I'd gone full term!!! Good luck with the birth and try not to worry!

My little boy was measuring small. My waters broke at 37 + 3 he weighed 6lb7 so not overly small for saying he was early!!

My little boy was measuring small. My waters broke at 37 + 3 he weighed 6lb7 so not overly small for saying he was early!!

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