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Help! Burping and sick up


M little girl is 2weeks today. Feeding every 3 hrs for 40 mins if poss( she was small sleepy baby so we have to wake her to ensure enough feeds)

I feel useless at burping her:-/

She usually feeds 10 mins and stops so my oh tells me to burp her and I just can't seem to get her to do it properly.

Last night she was very hungry and when I went to burp her she was sick. I felt like my oh thought it was my fault she was sick because I hadn't burped her properly.

How can I make sure she's burped enough, tried different positions etc. just feel a bit rubbish:-/

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Posseting is normal - little ones get sooo greedy they taking in too much air! So long as they are well hydrated and gain weight, they will 'grow out if it'!

(Assuming vomiting is not Projectile'?)


Try straightening them up.. its hard to try and explain but I'll try best, hand under chin. . Handround the back of baby holding either side and gently lift them so their sitting up straight. .I found this works very well and sometimes no need for patting on the back x

Both of my little boys were terrible at burping and were very sicky. It took me a while to accept that this was just "normal" for them. I remember being terrified that the first one was going to starve as he brought so much feed up. He is now a very bouncy 2 year old, so don't worry!

A few things that worked for me:

Sitting them up very straight so that the wind has the chance to come up in as unobstructed manner as possible.

Lying them on my lap whilst gentle rubbing their back. Sometimes the pressure on their stomach helps.

Passing them to someone else helps for some reason, perhaps it is the action of lifting them?

Gently rotating them from the waist can help to free wind.

Also, on a different note - don't get too hung up on the 40 minute feed time. Babies are all different and if your baby is full after 15 minutes then she is full. Have the confidence to listen to what your baby is telling you!

I want to give you a hug and reassure you that feeling 'useless' or 'rubbish' is totally normal and those mummys who you see in coffee shops looking so confident have DEFINITELY spent some time crying/on phone with friends/their mum saying that they don't know what to do and feel like a pants mummy.

Ask for advice, just take the bits that sound useful and keep going safe in the knowledge that no woman knows what to do with this gorgeous new baby and we all muddle through somehow. xxx

AmesHk in reply to minime61

Thank you x

Hi AmesHk,

Just to reassure you, I am going through exactly the same feelings with my two week old son. All of a sudden he gets really gassy during feeds and sounds like he can't breathe, he even stopped breathing completely last night and then jumped taking in a huge gulp of air it was terrifying! I really struggle to wind him and can sit with him for over half an hour trying sometimes then when I think he's done and put him down he starts wheezing and throws up his whole feed,it is so worrying!

Everything I've read says it is normal around this time as they get hungrier because of growth spurts, but I still plan on contracting my health visitor just in case.

Good luck with your daughter, it certainly isn't easy, just when you get over one hurdle another presents itself!


AmesHk in reply to Clairew7

Thanks for all your replies:-)


Yes it's a struggle! She goes all contorted and her tummy really hard and she cries and wriggles in discomfort.

We try for like you say 30 mins to wind. I wonder if over winding causes her to sick up plus getting herself in a tizz!!

I'm sure the growth spurts making them guzzle. But it doesn't help us at 3am feeling tired and helpless!

Good luck ,

Let me know what your health visitor says.

A x

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