Any positive birth stories out there?

Hi am almost 37 weeks and really nervous about giving birth to bebo,my baby boy.since I had some physical complications I was told that I might have a c section throughout my pregnancy. My last scan revealed all is fine my placenta moved up,and I can have vaginal birth now.dont really feel ready and scared as I've heard lots of horror if any of you have and want to share some nice storie?s I would live to hear them!

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  • Surely any story that ends with a health, happy baby is a positive birth story?

    I'm equally scared, but it's gotta come out one way or another!!! I've seen women go from F'ing and blinding about how rubbish their care has been, to singing everyone's praises in the space of 24-36 hours! It's amazing how a new, perfect little life affects your interpretation! That and the massive post-partum rush of endorphins!!!

  • Yes I had a fantastic labour with my last it was so good I said I'd do it again as soon as I gave birth! Went in to be induced as had previous section and was scared I'd have another big consultant was there with her best midwife...broke my waters put the drip up oxytocin I think it's called an monitored my contractions, midwife told me to sit on a rocking chair, I so hope they still have it! that seemed to really get things going.....don't like them balls feel like a weeble wobble on them! As I'm not so great with pain midwife advised me it was time to have an epidural which I did um and arr about but listened to her,.didn't fully work but totally took the edge off so I could still feel pain and knew when my contractions were coming...apparently the hospital now does epidurals where you can still get up and walk around! Was told to start pushing listened very carefully to midwives instructions and baby was born safely and perfect, I'm so pleased it went brilliantly and I may have to have a section this time which I'm disappointed about because I want a natural labour again so fingers crossed! I'm finding out tmw...seeing the same consultant and have found out the same midwife who delivered my son is still there woohoo! So pleased, so try to relax and go with the flow don't feel like because your a first time mum that your points aren't valid mother knows best! Women's instinct and all that! don't let anyone fob you off or tell you different! Good luck and enjoy its an amazing experience xxx

  • I was terrified too this time round and she was my 3rd. Like u people had been stupidly informing me of all the labour f..k ups that had happened recently. I've been through labour 3 times and all 3 have been fine. No additional help needed. Won't lie it hurts but an epidural will sort that for u. I used it twice. I read an OK mag once they had inserted it that's how good it is. Make sure u have a good birthing partner for at home as they make a huge difference. My baba girl is nearly a month ago now and it seems to be a distance past memory.

  • I did! I laboured all day on the Thursday, on and off and not particularly regular or painful. By Thursday evening they were 4 mins apart and painful so we went to the birthing centre at 11pm - I didn't have 1 contraction from the time we got in the car! I was 1cm dilated so I went home. Laboured all night at home - I watched a film, had a couple of baths and hubby went to bed! At 6.30am on Friday we went back in as I was starting to struggle. I was 6cm dilated, got straight on the gas (bliss!) and my midwife started running the birthing pool. I laboured in the pool which I loved, felt the urge to push (I was convinced I needed a poo!), pushed for 50 mins and baby boy was delivered in the water at 12.32 weighing 8lb 9oz. I did tear and needed to be stitched but by that point I was holding my bundle and couldn't care less. I know it's so scary but it really can be a wonderful experience - contractions hurt but they are manageable.

    Get as prepared as you can - learn the stages of labour, what pain relief is available etc. if you want the drugs take them, I wasn't natural for naturals sake it was simply the option that appealed most to me. So long as your baby arrives happy and healthy it counts as a positive labour to me :-)

    Good luck, nearly there now! X

  • I've always wanted to be at home having labour pains and getting on with things till they get too painful. . U never know this time may be my time:)

  • Thanks so much for the good vibes. I am terribly excited and the prospect of meeting my little one soon, but also a control freak and the unknown is always scary! It does help to hear about your experiences.

  • I read a really good book, it is really informative and provides birth prep and positive stories. It doesnt preach all naturally either, instead a more go with the flow. It has really helped me feel more prepared. It is called Birth Skills: Proven pain-management techniques for your labour and birth (Kindle Edition) Juju Sundin (Author) Sarah Murdoch (Author). I got it from Amazon :-)

  • I had a brilliant birth. Was meant to be induced due to a week over due so had a sweep and went home sorted out my little lad with his grandparents and off I went. Had a lovely hot bath and went to bed at 10.30pm with back ache. Contractions started so at midnight so rang hospital as they where every 5 minutes said come on in. Got there At 2.30am was checked at 3 was 6 cm. I said right this baby will come by 6am and she did 5.25 am out came Laila weighing 6lb 14oz. That was 4.5 years ago.... I'm awaiting the imminent arrival 6 weeks encounting... Till I get to meet number three. I'm hoping for very much the same. Xx

  • My friend ate loads of fresh pineapple and was 'mucking around' with her boyfriend 2 days before her due date and her little girl was born at 3am on her due date :-)

  • Forgot to add, natural birth and she went into hospital at 1:30 am and she just had gas and air :-)

  • My first pregnancy labour was brilliant 7hours long 2big pushes and my lil beauty Lacey-Lou was born weighing a good 8lb6oz did tear needed a few stitches but was worth every pain to have her here then just a week and 2days ago today I gave birth to another lil beauty got took in a few days over due date due to baby not moving a whole lot was given a sweep at 11am told to walk for a bit so had a good tour of the hospital with my partner at 9pm got checked still not dilated no contractions so midwife said it was my choice wat happened next so we decided to walk for longer n see if they start so had till 11pm so off we went again round the hospital went back at 11 they was really busy so never got checked till 12pm at that point contractions had started in my back n belly but not were I actually thought anything by them well was checked finally 2cm was just over joyed for that midwife said if I can get to 3cms by 1am she will break my waters well I got on my birthing ball just 10mins off being on there they started coming fast n more painful so midwife checked me at 12:55 I was 5cms :) we got moved to a delivery suite funnily same room I had my first daughter in midwife went to get things to break my waters well at 1:10am my waters went partner went to get the midwife which she finally came in at 1:40 to me pushing my beautiful daughter harper-leigh out she was born 1:43am weighing 8lb10 1/2 oz never been so happy :) midwife said my labour was officially 48mins long did feel like I'd just given birth still don't feel like I've had a baby feel great and the lil princess is doing great already in a perfect routine Good Luck with your labour and the arrival of your lil one x

  • Hello!

    I had my first (little boy) on 10/05/13, 3 weeks early. My waters broke at 11pm, I was 4cm at 03:45 and I'd had him by 05:43.

    I had gas and air and one dose of meptid. My Labour was officially 2hours long according to the midwife. No issues and would already do it all again :) stay positive and good luck!! x

  • Hello!

    I had my first (little boy) on 10/05/13, 3 weeks early. My waters broke at 11pm, I was 4cm at 03:45 and I'd had him by 05:43.

    I had gas and air and one dose of meptid. My Labour was officially 2hours long according to the midwife. No issues and would already do it all again :) stay positive and good luck!! x

  • Wow thanks guys!!so there are plenty of good stories out there just need to focus on that and stay positive!thanks

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