No longer delirious!!!

Urgh! Enjoying the 'highlights' of being an in patient! Developed a kidney infection, so now I get to encounter life on the other side! Admitted yesterday for IV antibiotics and another renal scan :-(

Pro's - I've seen and heard an awful lot of Flump since yesterday :-)

Con's - 1) I don't really remember yesterday! 2) Obstetrician's have an unhealthy obsession with Grey cannula's! What's wrong with a pink?? 3) I am not enjoying the sound track resulting from being directly above labour ward... :-/ 4) I am a much better doctor than I am a patient!!!

Really hoping they discharge me tomorrow on orals, but have decided to be a good girl and do whatever my consultant tells me is in Flump's best interests! This is a major break through, as the last time I had pyelonephritis was a few years back in my first year as a doctor - I was the surgical houseman on call and we were short staffed and there was no one who could cover. I worked, but had IV co-amox and gent at the start of each shift, at lunch time with a litre of saline and just before night handover for a week!!! I suspect this is the main reason I'm still being held captive here, as my consultant thinks I'll be back at work if he lets me go home... Tum-te-tum... ;-p

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  • Blimey u don't sit still! Glad ur feeling better but u need rest shame they can't handcuff u to the bed! Take it easy! time to look after yourself and not other people! :)

  • Chill out and take time to recover!!

  • Lol, work a holic! Now rest and get a great book and read(if possible seeming you can hear the women in labour )

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Wish you better Dr Fluffy! Remember everything you do right now should be with flump in mind x

  • Feel better soon! I spent 2 nights as an inpatient on antenatal ward when i was around 22 weeks.. its very strange being a patient as opposed to staff! Lets hope your experience is better than mine was!! As i was walking wounded per say I was almosts completely ignored by the staff for 2 days - got no sleep as had labouring women in the room with me for the 2 nights.. not something I wanted to experience at 22 weeks!!

    Im currently trying to push off being readmitted for pain control for my SPD and after my earlier experience im hoping this wont happen!!

    Hopefully the IVAbs will do the trick and you can be discharged soon!! xx

  • Haha! Sounds familiar! Something's have annoyed me - like waiting hours for prescribed antibiotics, medications being signed as given that I've not had, and yesterday's ultrasound KUB debarkle (dept in another building, 10 min walk away. A told by midwife if I wait for a porter I'd miss my scan apt, so I needed to walk myself over - took 25 minutes to haul my still septic body over there, clearly looked like shite by the time I got to the dept - scan list running late - waited an hour to get my kidney's checked. Spiked a temp +++ while over there, looking unwell to the point that the receptionist felt she had to fast bleep the 'acute medical team' to see me (essentially a peri-arrest call!). Massively embarrassing when the Med Reg was my Reg last year, and the medical SHO on call was my best friend!!! Then, after my scan I was told there was an hour wait for a porter, so I needed to get myself back... Was drenched (with rain rather than sweat thus time) by the time I got back to the ward!!! It's definitely been an eventful 2 days!!

    Can't fault my medical care though - seen by my consultant everyday, feeling much better! Also can't fault Flump's care - always gets their CTG on time, lots of Doppler measurements! I just keep trying to remind myself I essentially have a medical problem and these are obstetric nurses (although given the last two shifts, the midwife allocated to me was a nurse before retraining - so I guess I'm making too many excuses!!!), else I would be making myself very unpopular! Silly really - if this was one of my patients all this had happened to, I would have kicked up a fuss with the ward manager. If it were my relative, there would be hell to pay - would gave (and have in the past) escalated it to the relative Trust Director!! I'm just grad Flump is well - if they weren't I'm sure I would have created hell by now!!!

  • That sounds awful! Glad ur both Ok x

  • Definetely time for your-self now. As much as im happy you've been admitted i hate the thought of mother to be in a state of any kind of infection.


  • Sounds almost as bad as my experience - I was admitted with severe abdominal pain - left for 4 hrs in mat Ax unit with noone checking baby then after seeing a doctor took 5 hrs for someone to check my bloods i was then admitted to ward at 9pm and left till 11 with no obs or contact from ward staff - got seen at 330am by surgical reg - who the midwifes were not even aware of I was waiting to see - so at 2am when I had been NBM since basically 130pm apart from water I asked them when was the doctor coming and they said 'oh your waiting to see a doctor'?! I had to wait till 2pm the next day for scan - then noone could get hold of surgeons till midnight to decide on a plan so ended up staying in an extra night unnecessarily - they also crossed of my regular meds without telling me why and then they lost my TTA's! complete disaster!!

  • Surgeons are not real doctors... Many are not even real people, especially awfulpods... ;-p

  • ...I've not even been seen by anyone today - so medical care now gone down in my estimations now! It's crazy!! I am eminently dischargable, but instead will end up costing the NHS another £606 for another nights stay... Crazy!!!

  • Oh sounds exactly what happened to me.. I was dischargeable to .. but the surgeon didnt answer a bleep.. when all they needed to do was bleep med reg and ask the same question!!! as it didnt need a surgical review anyway!!!

  • Is this the same hospital I was admitted to?! sounds like it!!

  • Working in a hospital and then becoming a patient can be very interesting. It really makes you think twice when treating your patients in the future. Oh and also how sometimes the pt is right, when they say they haven't recieved their meds even though its been signed off on the drug chart!!

    I hope you feel better soon and manage to escape soon x

  • I've had a shower, helped myself to clean bedding and changed my bed (given I 'be been festering in drenching sweats in it since monday!!!!), going to go out for a walk to the local, nasty 24 hour cafe when my other half gets here!

    I can't complain too much though as I'm getting more IV doses of antibiotics in, and my UTIs and pyelonephritises have a tendency of being hard core resistant! This one is fairly sensitive for me! The first one got me admitted to HDU with a central line!! I just feel like the stereotypical bed blocker at the moment!!

  • Whhhooo! I can go after my 10pm antibiotics with two weeks of oral, then prophylactic Abx til delivery :-D

  • That's awesome! :)

  • YEY great news and hope you feel better soon!! how much longer till your due?!

  • 7-10 weeks as may deliver at 37/40 and 'not allowed' to go past 40/40.

  • Candice was very interesting experience for me being admitted to the hospital i work in although a completely different clinical speciality especially when I rang my friend who is a med reg in the hospital and had a moan to her and she was like what are they messing around for?!

  • Thankfully, I don't usually work here, although I did my F2 here a few years back! I locum here fairly regularly though - great for downloading good quality versions of my scan pics from PACS ;-p. I've also had a good stream of visitors (nurses and doctors, all flouncing visiting times with a flash of their staff ID!!) which has helped keep me sane!!

    One of the A&E consultants popped up to see me today, which was a little awkward and i wondered why, until he started gently enquiring if I could cover an A&E shift on Sunday!!! :-@

  • oh same as me im due 25th july. 30 weeks exactly tomorrow

  • :-). Getting scarily close, isn't it!! Is this your first?

  • yes.. it is my first which is probably a good thing in some ways as with all the issues ive had I would never have managed to look after another child as well as myself! Is this your first?

  • Yes - surprise baby as have spent the last 8 years with the label of 'infertile' hanging over me!!

  • oh thats very exciting!! I was having alot of abdo pain and they found cyst and told me I prob have endometriosis and will find it difficult to get pregnant and they refer me to to specialist clinic - and I was actually pregnant at the time and they didnt realise!!

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