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Retroverted uterus???? What does that mean for me and Baby?


Hi, so today i had my 12 week scan!! woop woop!!

Baby was all ok but the scan was so difficult. The technician really struggled to get good views of the baby and she said i have a retroverted uterus!!

She said it shouldn't cause any trouble in the future but what does it really mean?

anyone else out there with a retroverted uterus??


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It means nothing as far as your pregnancy goes - a uterus full of baby is neither ante or retro-verted! The usual only gynae 'issue' is that Pap smears can be technically more difficult.

Thanks so much for your reply. I thought it would be ok but I've turned into a raving loony being pregnant!!! All rational thoughts go out of my head :-)

I've got the same and I was told it really doesn't cause any problems whatsoever. Only difficulty is getting a decent picture. I've been told it can reverse itself again as well, over time. So don't stress about it!

I was told the same at 12 week and was told not to worry it will right itself as baby grows. It didn't affect imaging, bubs was responsible for that haha...23 weeks now and all's well.....good luck with your pregnancy and will look forward to updates ;) X

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