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35 weeks tomorrow... and struggling :(

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I hate complaining... we have waited so long for our little boy and im so happy.. however i am struggling big time.. with braxton hicks, heartburn, tiredness, i feel so heavy and ready, sore ribs but the worst is breathlessness :( walking from one side of the room to the other and im panting like iv just run a marathon!! im only 35 weeks, still another 5 to go.. Is anyone else feeling the same so early?

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Dont feel as if you're moaning. 35wks is a big milestone. Im only 14+ wks & feel as if i've run a marathon going from downstairs to upstairs & etc...

I'll probably be close to passin out when i get to the 35wks mark. Its funny as i dont remember feeling like this when i was pregnant with my 1st son in 2008. I guess there's just more pressure on my organs & stuff.


I feel exactly the same, i had my little girl in 2005 and breezed through the whole pregnancy :) this time its completely different.

The midwife has infromed me i have a very big baby boy so its probably because im so squashed :( wow 14 weeks is amazing :) i felt my best from 13-26 weeks :)

It will all be forgotten when we have our little babies in our arms :) xxx

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I wouldnt say i feel "amazing" I feel alot better than what i did about 3/4wks ago :-( But saying that ive been at home due to my son having chicken-pox since Sunday soive got alot of rest in. Lol!

Not long to go for you now though. Good luck xxx

I feel your pain I will be 35 weeks on Mon, I feel like an old women I have SPD and can only walk for about 10 mins, just trying to focus in the little miracle that I am keeping safe and warm until he is ready to enter my life and the joy he will bring. Keep your chin up were on the home stretch now. Xx

I Knew the feeling.. Im 33.5 Weeks and are having the same problems.. Had no of this with my first.... I dont know about anyone else but over the past 48 Hours I have not "felt" right..... Its weird to explain... Nothing in particular tbh.... Sickness then hunger... Pains & aches here and there... Just feeling a bit odd and not quite sure what to do about it... Anyone got any suggestions????

thanks girls :) iv been feeling sick too :( and cant get comfortable.. trying to take it easy but i can sit still and when i go to bed a toss and turn trying to settle into a comfortable position but there is none :(

I guess our bodies are changing and preparing.. iv been getting aches and pains in my tummy and pressure down below and keep thinking hes just going to drop out.. :-/ iv been on maternity leave for 3 weeks and sometimes find myself just wandering about, not really knowing what to do with myself..

If your not feeling right clowiie i would contact your midwife, even if your feeling a bit strange she can advise you, even if its just rest you need :) xxx

Am 33.2weeks all fine but just feels light headed some mornings I always run outside for some fresh air.x

I'm 34 weeks, I can't sleep due to heartburn and breathlessness so I now how you feel. I'm now swelling up if I walk around too much!

But hey six weeks hopefully sooner as I'm not aloud to go past my due date due to gd.

I'm trying to keep myself busy and not over think labour, I'm getting a lot of braxton hicks also :)

Hi ladies, I am 35 weeks this week with my first. At the weekend the pregnancy really hit, feeling breathless, very tired lots of acid reflux and thank fully only some heart burn. I have been very lucky up until now and hadn't really slowed down and thankfully an easy pregnancy so far.

I have infuriated my husband as I hadn't slowed down until this weekend and he practically had to drag me to the sofa to sit down and rest! I am still at work and will be for the next two weeks working very much full time, wondering how I will make the few weeks! Also seem to be going into nesting mode and can't sit down as I want to tidy, fold and rearrange all the baby bits!

Have you guys packed your hospital bag yet? Are you taking a towel and nappies? Some lists seems to state that you should and others don't....? If you have decided I would be interested to know. Glad to know that we are all in the same boat with the symptoms! All the best ladies, not long to go now! X

oh pregnancy certainly affects women differently.. I would love to be super pregnant woman but its just not happening this time :(

I know how you feel, i am nesting big time (probably boredom as wel) my house is spotless and i still clean it everyday :) the thought of having to come home to a mess after baby is here doesnt appeal to me :) so clean clean clean :)

Listen to your body Envgirl.. if you start to struggle i would talk to your employer and discuss reduced hours or anything your finding difficult, i stopped work at 32 weeks, I just couldnt handle being on my feet all day and felt exhausted all the time :(

yes my bag is packed :) I have nappies but i hadnt thought of a towel. Every list i look at says different things, A lot of them say to bring a book, i pod, games to play etc as you and your partner will need a distraction during contractions.. as this is my second baby im hoping i dont have the time to read :) wishful thinking :)

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy few weeks :) xxxx

I am 35 + 4 and I am also really struggling. I have really bad acid reflux and keep taking weird spasms/shooting pains in my legs! I feel breathless all the time and am pretty much being a sucky mum to my 2 year old the past couple of days as I just have no energy :(. I'm finding it very difficult as he is disabled and cannot sit/walk so has to be lifted and carried around a lot! Not that I can say I'm to upset as last time I only made it to 31 weeks so this is all new to me and I'm rather enjoying getting to moan and experience these things as its a way of knowing I'm nearly full term, woohoo!

im 24 weeks. and feeling the aches and pains already. :( god help me at 35 weeks. :p

dont know how i will cope. being my first (and last) i didnt really know what to expect. and so far i havent had the best pregnancy hence why this is my last too.

i cant wait to hit 35 weeks though. i wil probably be bed bound as im suffering siatica already and baby feels very low in my pelvis. always a heavy pressure there.

moaning helps though girls!! what would we do without a moan ;)

good luck all of you on your last stretch xx

I feel for you, I'm exactly the same. I'm 36 weeks and I'm so happy to becoming a mammy but the last few weeks have been horrendous! I'm huge, tired, v uncomfortable, weepy, everything seems to hurt and they say I'm carrying a big baby. I'm petite and was a size 12 pre pregnancy, now I'm like a whale. Was tested for gestational diabetes yesterday due to his current size. (He's measuring 8.2pounds now!) I'm hoping its all water! Take care and try and relax xx

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