Maternity Leave

So...... i have my 25 weeks midwife appointment next week. and i get given the Mat 1B form. I also have to inform my employers of my maternity start date.

i havent even thought about this. and im being induced. so just thought id work up to my induce date. :/

i work in the hospital so made the joke of bringing my bag in and having one of my staff wheel me up when im ready.

But all jokes aside, when would you think would be the best stage to start Maternity?


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14 Replies

  • When u feel ready. . When u have got the point where u have had enough and think u need time off. .I was going to take my maternity leave end of oct when I had my son but got to a point where I'd had enough so they brought it forward and I had him 9 days later. . So u could always do that but them if people are going to cover your job then I suppose u need to let them know. ... is a hard one the nearer you work to ur due date the longer u can take off after but it's how uncomfortable ur get. .. It was unbearable to sit at a desk for me any longer my back ached so much. .. leave it till the last minute when u have to make a decision, then go by how ur feeling x

  • i have to let them know 15 weeks before. such a pain!! but im being induced so ive only got 13/14 weeks left anyway.

    i was thinking of going last friday of July. which will make me 33/34 weeks. that way ill have a week to myself to prepare before hand.

    Im sat at a desk and already my back aches. its horrible. i try walk around the hospital as much as possible to keep me mobile. x

  • I start my materninity leave 1 June which is 25 days before my due date, plus as of okay I'm on two week holiday so all in all I'm off from now :) six weeks before he is due, I'm 34 weeks and completely shattered:)

  • I informed at week 26 - I am planning to start at wk 37 - but from wk 33 onwards I would move my stuffs from college office to home office and would be working completely from there

  • Hi! My little boy is due on 5th July. and I am finishing work on 20th June (2 weeks before due date)

    I have 11 days holiday so just using them 20th June - 4th July then staring MAT leave on 5th July. My company is fantastic and really flexible so if fo any reason I need to lave earlier then I can do!

    Some peole here say im mad leaving it so late, however iI figure, if I feel well enough to come to work, why not? So much better than going off too early, being stuck at home watching Jeremy Kyle and wasting leave!

    Id say just see how you feel, if the comany is flexible then go as long as you can and if you need to.

    There is only oyu that can decide how you feel and what you are up to doing. I guess it depends on the nature of your work, Im office based so not an issue! used to work in a hotel, i i was still there would have had to go a long time ago! :)

    Good Luck! x

  • Personnally I would say 2 weeks before your being induced which gives you a nice break before the big day to potter and get ready. Does it mean the shorter time you have at the beginning the longer you can have at the end of your Maternity Leave?? I am self employed so dont know how it works. I would defo want more time with my baby when it is born and less time to potter before (if that makes sense).

  • It's totally up to you, I have a physical job so and there is talk of induction at 38 weeks, I am officially starting mat leave at 36 weeks but taking annual leave before so I will be outta there baby at 34 weeks :) I figured 1st baby, no idea how will feel physically or what can manage, I commute on train and have worked last 24 years, I deserve a break before bubba comes along so that's me sorted. I'll be moving home somewhen too so i need 'official' nesting time as this might take us up to Aug too and i'll be waddling around haha watching the men do all the heavy work :) xx

  • whenever u feel comfortable, my baby is due on 7th sept and I am leaving on 15th aug. I am taking the holiday owed at end of maternity leave but some people prefer to take it at the beginning. If u feel u need a month then take a month, I am sitting down and speaking to my boss in a couple of weeks about mine as few of my friends have had their babys a month early at my work which is obviously a possibility so there maternity leave had to be changed so I don't think its completely set in stone. x

  • The latest you can finish is two weeks before your due date. Mine's July 26th, may leave from July 12th, BUT there is a vague plan to deliver me around July 6th (37/40)

  • I am 37 weeks today and I finish work on Friday. I so wish that I had known when I told my boss my leave date someone would have explained just how much being pregnant takes out of you! Knowing what I know now I would have finished at least two weeks ago, I thought it would be better to have the time off when baby arrives but I now understand that getting plenty

    of rest and a little 'me' time before is very important to.

  • I could be wrong but I am fairly sure you can change your leave date as time progresss

    I finish on Friday very much like Skyblueboston- 2 weeks hol mat leave at 36 weeks, but I am 36, have a 3 year old at home, a husband away in the week and a job which is physically and mentally demanding. It does get tougher and its nice to have a little bit of time to yourdelf before the madness begins!! x

  • thanks everyone. talks of being induced 36/37 weeks so thought id take 3 weeks before to prepare. i might need it lol.

    i actually havent prepared anything as it still isnt sinking in. so maybe closer to the date ill knuckle down and start preparing. x

  • I finished at 32 weeks as I couldn't manage my work no more my back and legs gave up on the idea but I also used 3 weeks annual leave so therefore my maternity pay doesn't technically kick in till next week! Just ensure u have something to do to occupy yourself :) xx

  • I am 36 weeks and my last day at work is tomorrow. It feels about right. I am still feeling pretty good, but getting tired earlier in the evening, and am just ready for a little R&R before the baby's arrival! The 'right' time will definitely vary from person to person, depending on just how much discomfort you're in xx

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