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I have 2 miscarriage in 2009 to 2010 since then I don't conceive anymore till this moment that's about 2 to 3 years now. I just find out this morning that am 5weeks 1day pregnant, am very happy and am so much excited About it, but am very worried because of my past miscarriage. Can anyone help me with the earliest week that I can hear my baby first heart beats. Thanks

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some say that you can hear the heartbeat around 11 weeks. but it can be confused with your own or the placenta. im 24 weeks and still havent heard it. my midwife said they dont listen to the babys heartbeat until 25 week appt. i did debate buying a doppler. but im going to wait now as my appt is in 2 weeks. and im sure they will pick it up better than i will.

if your worried always go to Early Pregnancy Unit in your local hospital. they can do internal scans. think you see heartbeat from 7 weeks. i had internals nearly every week as i was worried and was bleeding. xx

My midwife didn't listen in til 16 weeks and even then she struggled to find it. She prefers to wait til after 20 weeks.

Some scans will let you hear at 12 weeks but before that I think it's very difficult. I went through a miscarriage before this pregnancy and a neonatal death, the only advice I have is to try and stay calm and relax. Sending you lots of positive vibes xxx

If your really worried then definitely contact your early pregnancy unit to see if they will scan you, probably best to wait 2 more weeks though as you probably won't see the heartbeat now.

This is my first pregnancy but I was worried too so paid for a private scan as I hadn't been referred to the hospital yet so didn't know when my 12 week scan would be. I was exactly 10 weeks and it was fab - they put the heartbeat on loud and we saw it moving around amd got loads of photos - a lovely experience, but it did cost £80.

As pootlestw says though, please try to relax, I know that's easier said than done :-)

some people can hear heartbeat from 9 weeks, but everyones different, u cud try buying a Doppler and trying in few weeks, but if u r worried not being able to find the heartbeat with a Doppler probably wont help. You could book for an early scan? I think with a Doppler though u have to be careful as today I had midwife apt (I am 23+3) and my baby was laying right by my large blood vessel and she kept getting my heartbeat interfereing, my midwife has let me listen to heartbeat at every apt at 16, 18 and now 23 weeks, I think it depends where in country u r.

As you have had 2 miscarriages you will be (should be) able to get an early scan as I think they class 2 or over as high risk and need to be monitered.

They wont be able to pick anything up on the scan until you are about 6-7 weeks. Why dont you contact your GP surgery and ask for a midwife to call you. Tell them that you have found out you are pregnant and your past history and they will give you the advice you need and may think it is viable for the EPU scan. If they dont see you as high risk then for peace of mind book a private scan. I had a mc in Dec and feel pregnant in March and for peace of mind booked a scan at 9 weeks so I could see that the baby was o.k as it seemed a lifetime to wait till the 12 week mark. It was the best thing I ever did.

Thanks 4 the world of encouragement. I don't think I can wait till 12 weeks to hear the heart beat. I will book for EPU scan through my GP but if they refused me I will try and book a private scan at 7-8 weeks. Thanks

I had a late miscarriage in 2009 and another in 2010 like you.. then nearly 2 years to the date i found out i was pregnant so i know how you are feeling.. I think its after 3 miscarriages your treated as high risk (in n.ireland), so try to stay calm and if you have any concerns go to your pregnancy unit, I was over all the time for reassurance. Once you hear the heartbeat and have a scan you will have peace of mind. take care xx

Thanks to you all I really appreciate you all,

I went to the EPAU at 7 weeks and they were able to see the heartbeat, your midwife will only send you to the EPAU if its an emergency e.g. bleeding. i suggest you book a private scan, they are £99 where I live in Milton Keynes.

Thanks, it really helpful

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