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So i have had a letter telling me to book an appointment with my doctor as soon as i can since having my latest bloods done for iron levels. Today so far i have had 3 nose bleeds and fainted this morning. which hasnt happened in a few weeks.

Im worried to ask work if i can pop to the doctors though. i have a lot of appointments as i have to constantly see my consultant. even though im returning to work (as i work in the hospital and most of my appts are in the wards here).

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Hi, obviously you don't need me to tell you that the health of you and your nipper is the most important thing - but I do understand the need to keep everybody sweet at work!

Go and speak to your manager and explain that your doctor has asked you to book another appt - they are legally obliged to allow you time off for all of your antenatal appts.

If you are concerned about the amount of time you're taking off be open and communicative - ask if there are more convenient times for you to try and book your appointments, on a couple of occasions I made up time that I had taken off (there is NO obligation for you to do this, I was happy to as my employers were very flexible with me). Just by raising the idea that you're aware that you're taking lots of time off will probably make you look good!

Don't ever put off making appts for work though - it really isn't worth it x


I understand how you feel, but absence and sickness related to pregnancy cannot be put on your employee record so cannot be seen as you having too much time off.

I'm anaemic and e on 400 mg per day, since taking them I feel soooooo much better xxx


Is it ur g.p or consultant? Could u not make the app after work hours, it is difficult but u have to look after yourself otherwise u won't be good to anyone urself or work. .. It is difficult trying to keep a happy medium especially if u have alot of appointments but it's just the way it is they are legally obliged to give u time off and u can't help it if this isn't the easiest pregnancy which it hasn't been for u xx


i work overtime constantly anyway without being asked. so have hours owed to me in work. a few times in past few weeks i worked til 9pm when my hours are until 5pm. and im forever in early.

so i know my manager would let me. and he is very good and would tell me to go if he knew i was feeling unwell today.

i just feel like im being a pain. im quite quiet and dont like asking because they might need me and they rely on my quite a bit as theres a few departments and im the only cerical support for them. x


yes i know. i spent 8 weeks on sick and 4 weeks in this hospital. my manager did visit me though so cant complain.

Its my doctors requesting i see them. so cant do after work. but will ring them this afternoon for a late appointment. x


ur work hav to give u time for apts, trust me, u need to be looking after number one, don't ask just because theres people that rely on u because when u have ur baby they r gonna have to find other ways to cope so if u say ur boss is nice then show him the letter and say u need an apt asap, I am sure he will understand and be fine. xx


thanks all. i know my boss will let me. think i just need reassurance to ask lol x


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