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Can't stop coughing, getting angry now

Maybe it's because I haven't slept in four days, but I'm starting to get angry now. I have a cough and it won't leave me be. I can't sleep, nor can I control my bladder when the coughing starts. I'm 14 weeks pregnant.

Yes, I know all of the "great" advice on what we can take -- paracetamol, steamy baths, etc. -- but that's not helping. I need to sleep, and I have to leave the bathroom eventually. I have a two and a half year old and I have to function as a parent, which I cannot do on days of no sleep and while trying not to wet myself. The "advice" dispensed by the pharmacist has been useless at best -- maybe some people have time to wall themselves up in the bathroom with the hot water on all day long, but I don't.

So what can I do? What can I take? There is nothing so far that has touched this -- no honey/lemon drink, cough sweets, no amount of water drinking, nor sleeping upright in a recliner, NOTHING has worked. I'm miserable, frustrated and in tears. WHAT CAN I DO?

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I had a cough for the first 7 weeks, unfortunately I just had to wait it out, sorry! I found propping pillows so i fell asleep sitting upright helped, it was as soon as i was in my side or back it started. I managed on a few hours sleep a night. Good luck, I know the misery of if! I wish you a speedy recovery


Is it just at night when u cough cos that's when my asthma got diagnosed just couldn't stop coughing at night. ... and I didn't have it bad and it was under control when I was pregnant with my daughters but itwas terrible when I was with my sons.... g.p could prescribe an inhaler and u can see if it makes a difference. . Shot in the darkl but thought I'd pa on my experience u never know xx


It's all day, it's the tail end of a cold. During the day I can handle it, it's really just the nighttime coughing keeping me and everyone else awake that is getting to me. I experienced something similar a few months ago and was given an inhaler for it, which unfortunately made no difference. But thanks for sharing; if I hadn't already tried that I'd agree it was worth a shot!


I had an awful cough for about 10 weeks in early pregnancy - there is absolutely NOTHING you can take.

I would suggest pelvic floor exercises +++ especially if your having problems with cough incontinence. I had the same problem with coughing in the beginning. Recently i had had another cough and due to doing alot of pelvic floor exercises my incontinence is MUCH better!! Good luck!!!


To me it sounds like its gone on too long, in the long run it will be better for you, baby and your son that you go to the doctors and get antibiotics, don't be scared to, I have had to give in a few times.

Go today get sorted Hun x


I have an appointment at 11:30; I needed it for getting the dosage on one of my other medications changed anyway. I'm hoping they see it that way; this practice tends to take a conservative approach on everything so I've got my fingers crossed.

Thanks to everyone for the input. :)


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