Sac but no baby inside

Hi I'm on my second pregnancy after miscarrying twins this time last year. After what happened last time I booked a private scan for 8 weeks, which is today, just to put my mind at rest. But at the scan I've had bad news. There is a sac measuring 6 1/2 weeks and no baby inside. Sonographer wants to scan me again in 2 weeks just in case. What are the chances my baby will appear next time? Has this happened to anyone else? x x

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  • Hey, I'm really sorry to hear this. I had an early scan at hospital because of bleeding and was told the same. We came back just over a week later and could see a wee bean and heart- dot pulsing! They did say was a high chance of miscarriage at the first scan, we were unsure of our dates and I think that's what went wrong- was too early to see baby. On our second scan they also saw a second sac which could have been a twin miscarrying, which they said explained the bleed. They also offered us an internal scan to be sure, but couldn't see anything within the sack. I hope everything goes well for you, appreciate will be a very long two weeks! We found it really difficult, but time did pass and got there in the end.

  • Hi this happened to a good friend of mine, when she went back one week later baby was there strong and healthy. They told her it may have been babies heartbeat was too small to detect at the time and she progressed with a healthy pregnancy. Good luck with he rescan hope all goes well x

  • Try going to the dr amd see if they would book ua scan with ur early pregnancy unit they can do an internal scan which would show up more x

  • This is why early scans are pointless if done for peace of mind! So many people on here have 'empty sac' stories who are now end if second trimester - I really hope things work out and on your next scan you have a little heartbeat :-) xx

  • Hiya Hun I, hoping your situation is like mine. I was scanned at 6 weeks I have a sac and no fetal pole... Yet here I am at almost touching 34 weeks.. I was scanned at 10.5 weeks and it still wasn't so clear due to tilted uterus but clear as day at 12.5 weeks :-) fingers crossed Hun xx

  • I also have a tilted womb so had an internal scan. It just seems strange for there to be no baby when I've been experiencing all the side effects. 2 weeks seems a long time. I might see if my EPAU can see me sooner. Thanks for all your comments and support x x

  • Ring your GP first thing in the morn and explain then they might refer you straight to EPU for an internal. I dont think you can just ring up your EPU you have to be reffered (well you do in my hosp anyways, it might be diff where you are).

  • I too had an empty sac at 6 weeks so was asked to come back in at 8 weeks - when I did, there was a heartbeat... stay positive until you are given a definitive.

    Wishing you the best with the next scan xx

  • I haven't got much to add to what the others have said, but I'd like to wish you the best of luck. xx

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