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Uh-oh My son came down with signs of chicken-pox this morning

Hi ladies.

So woke up this morning "feeling pretty good" compared to most days when i've felt extremely tired, & got the usual breakfast ready for my son. At first im sure i was seeing something strange as he kept rubbing one side of his face with his hands so when i had chance to look properly he had a Lil patch of red looking / fluid filled spots.

Trying not to panic & show the fright in my face i told him to stand up so i could see his chest & back. To my surprise there was also the same sort of small Lil patches of red/fluid filled red bumps on him.

OMG. so with today being Sunday not many G.p, or walk -in centres are open & got straight on the phone to NHS Direct. When i described the symptoms she straight away ruled it to the 1st signs of either shingles or chicken-pox. While on the phone i thought id mention the fact that im also 14wks pregnant & a Lil worried for the unborn child's health "as well as my son's of course". But she immediately asked me if i had got chicken-pox before because when u have your body / immune system is strong enough not to contract it again

Phew! "i had chicken-pox at a early age of about 6yrs old" Neverless im obviously still worried as im barely out of the "anything can happen stage" in pregnancy.

Has / is there any mother's out there who's been in a simular situation.

Any advice is appreciated. :-)

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I was around 28 weeks pregnant when my daughter had chicken pox. There were no problems for me at all as I had chicken pox as a child and still have immunity. I think it's something that you will always be immune to once you've had it.



I think I'll be fine, I'm probably just being my usual worried self.

My son on the other hand dosen't seem to care & still thinks he's going to school in the morning. LOL!


If you've got antibodies, you and bump should be fine! I shudder when I think if the things Flump was exposed to at work before I knew I was pregnant! Parvo, mumps, shingles, secondary (I.e infectious and transmissible in a non-sexual manner) syphilis, toxoplasmosis... :-/

Hope your son feels better soon - I had chicken pox aged 6, and 41 years later clearly remember the misery!! At least he has it now, and not around your due date... Xx


Thanks for your reply!

I agree with what you said about having it now & not when the baby is due / born. I would be beside myself by now.


I now got him some antehastamin syrup so hopfully that will stop him straching at it. :-)


Virasoothe is a good one. . Very highly recommend from all the mums from my sons school.. x


31 even!!! :-o


I agree with everyone you and bump should be fine, I guess one good thing came from having chicken pox as a child :) I had it, then when I was 30 I got my first lot of shingles ......bloody awful pain


Thanks hun xx

One of my friends had shingles when she was 29yrs old, & I remember her looking awful, Its definetely a good thing he's got it now at 4yrs old.


Many moons ago when I was pregnant with my 3rd child I caught chicken pox from my other two children,as I was only in early stages of pregnancy it was a worrying time as the Doctors weren't sure back then of any possible complications to my unborn baby.I'm happy to say that my gorgeous baby girl arrived safely and healthy and is now pregnant herself with our first grandchild!!!!Hope this helps to reassure you and your little boy gets better soon x Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!


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