The world now knows :)

Finally been able to tell everyone after the arrival of my SCREEN NEGATIVE letter yesterday :) The risk of Downs is 1:6,600 which way exceeded my best expectations.

Posted the news on facebook this morning; had a few "I knew it!!!" comments from work colleagues lol

Well, hopefully now I can relax and enjoy my pregnancy. Yeah right! I'm sure that something else will rear its head to make me worry :P



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5 Replies

  • Ah great a weight lifted but yes u still can't help but worry! X

  • Made up for you Hun. That's really fantastic results xx

  • Bet you are both thrilled, congratulations.

  • Brilliant:) keep smiling

  • It's great isn't it to receive such fab odds. Ours were 1: 4952 so similar.

    Enjoy being a mummy to be xx

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