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Food Glorious Food


After 2 months of serious morning noon and night sickness and of telling my husband not to come upstairs with even a mere whiff of food on him, I am finally starting to eat gain.... Miracles do happen ;-)

I am managing new potatoes with ham and beetroot... Oh and a corn on the cob ! Whoop dipperty do ! I wonder how long it will be until I can properly cook again I think half of it is being scared about the smell of the cooking process.

This feeling is alien to me and my husband ( the amazingly patient and understanding Lewis) as we are real foodies, usually cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

I am 14 weeks and 1 day so I am sure I have plenty of time to start to eat like my life depends on it.

I love Sunday lunches in fact mine are legendary .... Not had one for 2 months now argh !!

All worth it though as long as I am eating enough and I'm taking pregnacare everyday I'm sure this period won't last for long xxxx

How are you ladies coping with it ??? Xxxxx

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It's awful isn't it I started feeling better around the 12week Mark. . But have started to feel a tiny bit sicky again I'm 16 weeks now, but nothing compared to how I was feeling, but I was the opposite I had to keep eating so put on a stone! !!! I am alot better now and not aiding my face anymore so hoping I don't put on too much weight! !! Glad ur feeling better x


That was supposed to say stuffing my face

Aw bless you, no one ever tells you about the ins and outs of how you will feel when pregnant ... It's like a secret club ha ha xx

I wish I was put off food, I am constantly thinking about what I am gonna eat next.

Megzey I'm jealous !! I know I will get to that stage soon and I will look back and kinder what I was complaining at ;-) xx

Ah! U so lucky! I wish I was u at this stage! I'm 12 weeks bt feeling bloated and my stomach takes 6 hrs to digest I'm always feeling tired and I thought at 12 weeks I'll feel more comfortable bt it seems like a dream! Congats to u gal and enjoy your food and eat for those who can't!

Poor you!

I am 28 weeks and never suffered from morning sickness or a loss of appetite! But, like you, I do miss the things I have not been able to eat since becoming pregnant...

That said, don't worry I have still had my fair share of aches and pains: rib flare, pdp, heartburn, oedema. Plus with the indigestion, its taking forever for food to digest so that's no fun! But all for a good cause!!

Enjoy the appetite returning - corn on the cob yum yum!!

im 24 weeks. and had constant sickness since 6 weeks. im envious! lol.

it seemed to have eased from 18 weeks to 20 weeks then they took me off the steroids and BAAMM..... it returned with a vengeance. Unfortunately i know hyperemesis tends to last through out the whole pregnancy. so wish me luck. i cant wait for the day i can eat a proper meal again ;)

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