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Due beginning of June - anyone else?

Sooo it is the final stretch now. I have reached 36 weeks, a real achievement for me:

1st pregnancy - early miscarriage

2nd pregnancy - identical twins, but devastatingly one of my boys was stillborn.

3rd pregnancy - the current one and deservedly 'normal'! We're having a girl this time - yey!

I only got to 31 + 4 in my last pregnancy so this stage is all new to me. I've been really enjoying it all this time round but getting impatient now!

Still working, as self-employed, so verrrry tired in the afternoons and have been feeling guilty for not entertaining my 4yr old as much as I should!

Anyone else in the last month?


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Yep I am, I'm 33 plus 3, 1st pregnancy miscarriage and this one is a little boy :)

Feeling so tired aswell, sleep every afternoon:)

Waddle instead of walking!

Have gestational diabetes aswell which is starting to come under control due to insulin.

Have a scan a 36 weeks to see if baby boy is a biggen, so far he is fine :)



I am sorry you lost your first baby. You'll love having a boy this time - my little man is my pride and joy! (He's going to school in September).

Makes me feel better that I'm not only one who's shattered. My hubby doesn't really make any concessions and I feel a bit guilty for falling asleep when he's at work!


Hi, I am not due in June but Oct with my 3rd. It is so tiring in the last stretch especially with a 4 year old to as you feel guilty sometimes that you dont do more with them in the afternoons. My 4 year old starts school in Sept which can't come soon enough for him, he is so ready now and eager to do something.

It will be nice for you as well when you can have some time with your newborn and him together at the beginning and then he will be in school so you can spend time just you and your baby. Are you planning on taking the whole mat leave off with you being self employed? I am self employed so went back with my first after 3 months which I wish I didn't.


Hiya I'm 33 weeks due 26th June.

1st pregnancy was 6 years ago boy

2nd pregnancy 4.5 years ago girl

Now pregnant with number three so far so good all going smoothly had my tour of the hospital this morning was really good to see where ill be delivering baby. Quite excited now welcome to the blog :-)


Your due the day after me :)


And you are due 3days before me!!i hope I don't go over!x


Ah cool - so this is a new hospital for you?

I haven't really felt the need to do hospital tour. We're going to same one, so I have an idea, although am going for a VBAC this time so it'll be quite different for me.

Hooray for the June babies x


Yeah skyblueboston :-) x yeah Hun did a hospital tour I had me last two babies at my general in the town but I now live in dubai and they do a tour. Was really good got to see it all they don't have wards its all private rooms British and South African midwifes felt very at ease. Only difference is not midwife led its doctor led! the hospital has a high epidural rate so she showed everyone this is the epidural machine.. I was like erm what about gas and air, ...ah yes that's automatic just there but no one really uses it. If you don't ask you don't get and a birth plan is much more important here I feel. Got to see a baby having its first bath so cute.. Yet I couldn't stand hearing it screaming as she plunged it into the water had to walk away... Much easier ways to wash a newborn than dunking them in. :-( plus I don't like to bath them until a few days old just cotton wool and warm water and they don't scream poor baby... A lot of first time mums where there and thought it was ok until I said something walking away... Oops. Anyhow that shall be added to my birth plan no bathing baby... X


On the subject of bathing, my sister was advised not to bath baby for at least two weeks:) coz they said the baby is born with a skin protection hitch is best left to sink in! I had never heard that before :)

So will you beng brining baby up in England?


No Hun I live in Dubai now been in the Mid East for 3 years with hubby working. It will be brought up With British curriculum like my other two. :-) ... You can insist on baby being bathed but I prefer not too. The British midwifes said the same here only not to be bathed after 12 hours due to baby potentially getting hypothermia.x


Dont know how true that is, when I had my 2nd a girl in the bed next went down and had a C-section and came back up, the next morning the midwife brought a wheeley bath over and was showing her how the correct way to bath her newborn was.

It is nice for them to get used to it and also gets rid of the awful smell that the rotting embilicle cord can give off, yuk!


Sorry to hear about your loss :( happy for you that everything is going smoothly this time! I'm 33+6 and up until yesterday my care plan was going smoothly but now I'm under consultant care and have been advised for my own welfare to change my birth plan and not have a water birth :( bit gutted but I know it's what's best for me and my little girl! I had to have a scan yesterday too as I was measuring small she's still a little under what she should be but they are happy with where she is she weighs 4lb 9oz, I'm feeling very uncomfortable now and chest is feeling very squashed but luckily once I'm asleep I'm fast but she starts fidgeting around very early! The nausea has returned though and eating has again become an issue for me :( x


She may catch up... I had my monthly growth scan on Thursday, and Flump has gone from 30th centile to 70th in the last 4 weeks! Aftert being massively delighted (not sure I believe Flumpy's now 70th, but definitely grown!), I have to ashamedly admit to then becoming worried that rather than delivering a my little baby, I'm now looking at delivering something that's gaining weight at Sumo Wrestling proportions... :-/


mrsturner - don;t you sometimes think that now we're this far gone - it seems as if we're squashing them in bed at night?! I try to just lie on my side but it still feels as though she's wriggling coz I'm squashing her arm or something?!

I think mine has dropped coz suddenly it feels a lot easier to breathe and bend again, maybe that will happen for you soon too?

Bloomin' nausea - you poor thing! x


Hi! I'm 35 weeks exactly today and counting!!! My 1st pregnancy I had mylittle boy at 31 weeks and this lead to him having PVL, CP and Epilepsy so I am very anxious and determind I make full term this time, which is looking possible :D. So sorry for ur previous for your previous losses :( I'm so glad to hear you are doing so well too!!xxx


The risk of anything like that is already massively reduces given you've hit the holy grail of 35 weeks. Hope your little boy is thrithing xx


Thriving even! IPhone autocorrect!!!


Hi again MasonsMum - we messaged a couple of times weeks and weeks ago - look how far we've come now!!

Glad you're 35 weeks - only 2 more weeks and you'll be considered full term. So pleased for you that you've got this far too xx


Sorry ladies, but I think you'll find that all the cool kids are due in July... :-p

Glad everyone is 'blooming' :-). Exciting times!!! :-D xxx


Haha - I am hoping she'll come soon, in May, so that her birthday's not too close to my sons in the middle of June! I'll be 37 weeks next Thurs so I don;t mind if she comes anytime after then!! (knowing my luck I'll be overdue this time, after spending so much time worrying about prematurity!!)


Hi minime61!

I'm due on 13 June, so 35 + 2 at present. I am also self-employed and also still working, but only have one more week to go thank goodness. I find that every morning when I get into work I feel out of breath, with a fast resting heartbeat, for a good couple of hours - very uncomfortable! Also it feels like I need to pee all the time, which I assume is the baby pressing on my bladder. All our internal organs are quite squashed at present I guess! Can't wait for him to arrive. All the best with the rest of your pregnancy! xx


HI Hippolike

Ah 13th June? That's the day before my son's birthday. It's great having June birthdays coz they can have summer toys.

I've got 2 more weeks working but I shouldn't moan really coz am only part time and I do love my job. The tiredness has just surprised me and I'm such a busy person.

Can empathise with extra toilet trips at the mo' - everytime I stand up!! xx


thank you DrFluffy. I know how crazy is it! I haven't been on in a while as I forgot my password(typical pregnant woman lol) but was still receiving emails with all the blogs/questions! finally managed to re-set it :) x


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