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Nursing Bras - sizes?

I've not got long left until my lil bunny arrives and I want to get everything I need ready before she gets here. (4 weeks to go!!!)

I'm planning on breastfeeding and I'm looking at getting a few good nursing bras but I'm not sure what size to get. I know that boobs will get bigger when milk comes in, but how much? I'm already 34HH and there aren't many places that stock nursing bra's in that size range.

Should I get a bra to fit now, or would it be best to wait until after she's born?

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I'd wait. ..I went up 2 cup sizes and so glad that id waited as I probably would of just gone up one size. . In previous pregnancies I was a 36b but when I got pregnant I was a36d then when milk came in 36 e! So they really grew. .. Have u checked where u can get measured and where they stock them so ur all ready? If ur going to have trouble wait till nearer the time order 2 sizes and seems the one back that doesn't fit. .X


Send! That was supposed to say! If they do a28 day returns then start looking into it now and order 2 sizes next week x


I got some nursing bras before my son was born but they were too small and I had to fork out for more! I've ended up 3 cup sizes bigger.

I would check and find out where does bras in your size then get measured when your milk comes in and get them then


Debenhams do a bra fitting service and have nice quaility nursing bras in a 2 pack. Go get measured. My boobs never grew much more but I know everyone is different.


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