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I got a call to say the baby is at risk of having Downs. How long does it take to get test results back from an amnio?


I had my 12 week scan last Friday and yesterday I got a call from the hospital to says there's a 1:40 chance of the baby having Down's Syndrome. I'm 13 weeks but I've decided to wait until I can have a amnio. I could have a CVS next week but the risk of miscarraige is so much higher and I would feel so bad if the results came back fine, but I lost the baby as a result. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the results back from an amnio? I left a message with the screeing midwife yesterday but she hasn't rung me back. It's all been a bit of a shock.

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Unfortunately my friend had this test one for the same reason as you, she had the results back in two days, then had a termination due to other issues health issues with the baby aswell.

I feel really sorry for you it must be an awful decision for you. 1:40 is very high chance, it depends how you feel about having a downs child in your life, I have worked with children with all types of disabilities thy are lovely but I can see the struggles the family faces.

Are you older? What measurements were they concerned about? I would ask these questions and ask for another scan before you do the more invasive test.


Thanks for your message. The head & neck measurements plus my bloods are in the abnormal range. I'm 36 almost 37 so I know that my risk is increased. The midwife rang me back & I've got an amnio booked in for a few weeks time. First I thought I'd miscarried, now this! It's my punishment for not being sick. One of my work colleagues had a termination, I know it happens. Fingers crossed I'm one of those 39 women where everything is fine. My husband have discussed what we'd do if the result is bad. Just a waiting game now. Xx

Good luck and you are very brave I admire your strength xxxx

Thanks, that's very kind. May not be feeling quite so strong in a few weeks....xx

Hi this happened to a friend if mine last year after 3 years of trying and fertility treatment. She had the CVS as the suspense was unbearable. The baby tested positive for Downs. Her husband has a Downs child in his side of the family and has seen the strain it can have. they both have quite denanding careers so they opted for a medical miscarriage, where they give you tablets to make the baby come out. They were heart broken and I really felt for them. They reacted very differently to it all she was upset and he was really angry. They are both a lot more positive now and are starting treatment again next month.

On the other hand my work colleague was told her results were high risk. She was frightened of miscarriage so didn't have an amino. Her daughter came out absolutely perfect. Like they say the screening isn't an accurate test result just and indication of risk.

I will have all my fingers and toes crossed for you.

Good luck and take care x x

Chipper in reply to HayleyP

Thanks for sharing your friend's/colleague's experiences. I'm glad your friend is in a much better place now. Well I'm trying to seek comfort in the fact that the midwife said the neck and blood measurements were just into the abnormal range and were not screaming at her. I think it's my age that has increased the risk score. It can't be my weight as I'm only a size 8! I don't feel too scared about the amnio and I've been reassured that they'll only do it if I have enough fluid. I really want to know if the baby has a genetic abnormality and can't go through the rest of this pregnancy being in the dark.

My friend had a chemical evacuation after she had a missed miscarriage and said it was hideous. They'd tried for a year and she was very angry and grief stricken. My friend at work who had a termination was signed off work for 2 months. I know a lot of people who've had negative pregnancy outcomes and it has knocked the stuffing out of them.

The good thing is that I have full support from my boss. I had to explain that I need time off work to have the tests, plus after an amnio they advise you not to work for 2 days. It turns out that with her first baby it was given a 1:1000 chance of something being wrong (not Down's) and it happened to them. She went through a really rough time so understands how badly things can affect you.

Thanks for your support too. xx

I was classed as low risk however due to my age (40)I choose to have an amnio as I would have worried throughout the pregnancy. The blood test shows your risk factor whether you are 1:40 or 1:1500 as far as I was concerned someone as to be the one and I needed to know if that was going to be me.. The screening coordinators were very understanding at my reasons for wanting the amnio and were fully supportive. Although when you search the Internet they give you the risk factor for miscarriage it is worth asking your hospital what their risk factor is, my hospital was less than the quoted national average. The procedure was painless. After the procedure I went home and put my feet up for the rest of the day. I had my test on a Thursday so was off work two days and had the weekend to recover. I think I waited a week for my result which was negative thankfully. Good luck and best wishes I am sure everything will be fine x

Chipper in reply to Hincha

Good to hear everything worked out for you. Yes that's my feeling too, someone has to be the one. The midwife said they put all the factors into the calculation to come up with the risk score. Luckily she gave me the different miscarriage risks between the procedures so that I could make an informed choice. When they do the amnio, I'll also have more bloods taken. I'll get the results back in three days via phone, although she said people who had tests done Weds morn of this week the results were came back by Friday afternoon. So might be sooner. Thanks for sharing your experience of the procedure it's good to know what I'm in for (apart from a needle to the belly!). Just need to sit tight until 29th May which is when I'm booked in. xx


One of the mums from my school has high risk with 2 of her children and had amino with both they were fine she opted for an amnio with her 3rd even though she wasn't classed as high risk but all was Ok and has 3 beautiful daughters. . Hope everything is Ok xxx

Chipper in reply to Hidden

Thanks Babymother, that's comforting to know. xx

Hi, I had my results back and they were 1:20 i'm 43 so knew they would be high. I had the amnio at 15weeks which was fine, a bit uncomfortable but scary at the same time. I waited 2 days for a phone call and got my results which were fine. What they do is then grow the cells to check for every genetic disorder they can so had to wait another 2 weeks for those results back. Like you the stress was unbelivable but well worth it, they even told me it was a little girl which means I can go and buy pink things now :) you just have to be paitiant I know its hard but will be worth it in the end.

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