Update as promised - placenta previa

Hi all,

So have been for my scan today and it looks like my placenta is attached to my scar tissue. I now have to go for an MRI next week to see if they can see for definite.

I have also been told it's likely I'll give birth in a more specialist hospital and it is also likely I'll need to be in hospital for several weeks prior to giving birth.

I have had a bit of a cry, more because I'm going to miss my kids but I know it's all for the right reasons and giving me and baby the best care possible.

Will keep letting you all know how it goes


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  • Awwwwh!

    Wow, I can only imagine how you must be feeling right now. I only have 1 child (4yrs) but i couldnt imagine leaving him to go into hospital. Im obviously going to come to terms with it "All depending on what time & date i go into labour" but still im sure im going to find myself having a little cry.

    At least you can feel a sense of security that you'll be admitted into a specialist hospital when the baby is almost due as im sure you agree its going to be a complex & very interesting delivery. LOL

    Anyway good luck & i hope everything goes well for you.


  • Oh bless u what a lot to take in glad they are giving u the best care tho. .. hope everything goes well pls keep us updated tcxx

  • Sorry to hear about this complication, but on the positive side you are being monitored and looked after well. Good luck, chin up Hun xx

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