20 wk scan tomorrow and feeling nervous

I became pregnant this time against all the odds. My husband had a 'failed' vasectomy reversal 9 years ago so it really was a pleasant surprise which more than made up for missing out on a place in the London Marathon :-)

I am currently 19 wk 4d and have my scan tomorrow. Unfortunately I read the booklet I was given about what they are checking for and have been feeling anxious ever since. I have no reason to suspect any problems and baby is wriggling around and kicking strongly many times a day now :-) I don't think I was at all worried with my previous two pregnancies (14 & 16 years ago!)but there was definitely less information around then. Perhaps in this case ignorance is bliss! Ah well, will come back here tomorrow to say how I got on.

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I do agree that at times we can be "flooded" with so much information that your mind csn easily go into over-drive & start thinking about things which are totally irrelevant

But no! Dont be nervous you'll come out of the hospital laughing at yourself thinking why did i do that.

P.s are you going to want to know the baby's sex or would you rather wait.


Know how u feel hun..think ur right there was a lot less info I wasn't aware of it all back then I just thought checked the brain and heart. . Now is much more advanced. Good luck for tmw, let us know how u get on xx

Thanks for the kind comments. I will update after the scan. We've decided not to ask baby's sex - my first two are girls and really either sex will be wonderful :-)

All the best for todays scan, the 20 weeks scan is AMAZING....you get to see so much, I would make sure the sonographer knows you do not want to know the sex....I made this clear from the minute I walked in the room as something might come into view accidently! In my brothers case they were told before they could say NO...slightly annoying I imagine.

Try not to worry eh......and just enjoy seeing your baby today in all his/her glory XX

Just to say the scan went very well. I have a beautiful healthy baby ? growing perfectly. Little one would not stay still for the scan so gave the sonographer a run for her money! However, I now have some lovely pics of my little one. Feeling much happier now :-)

Glad all went well Hun. Xx

Thanks, me too

That scan picture is amazing so clear :-) x

Yes it is really good :-)

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