Getting naughty babies moving

Hi ladies,

I hope you're all keeping well :-) we are just back from our 20 week scan. I am obviously cooking a very naughty baby, as with my 12 week scan baby was led on its tummy and refused to budge an inch! I was sent off empty my bladder to give it more room, run up and down stairs, do jumping jacks and still no budging! As we weren't able to check the heart or face (or gender incidentally!) we will have another scan in a couple of weeks.

The practitioner suggested that a cup of coffee before the next scan might promote more activity - I was wondering if any of you have any tips to get this monkey to roll over and fidget a bit more next time??

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  • sweet stuff is meant to help. i sucked a sweet to stop my sicky feeling and baby was none stop on the scan. that bad that i had to return a few days later so she could measure the head (this was my 20 weeks scan) x

  • Our baby was very difficult too on both occasions, head down in pelvis was the trick for the 20 week.....I went off for a drink of water and I jiggled my belly no end, Sonographer said when I came back in.....that won't help! but it had and he/she was in the right position to measure the brain and do the heart property so all good. She said he/she just needs a little patience. The bigger the baby the less room so hopefully when you go back Bubs will have no choice but to lie as you want him/her too :) Gender was checked but remains a secret between her and the baby :)

  • Orange juice and chocolate :)

  • My friend went and eat a bar of chocolate and then went back in which did the trick.

  • Thanks all - I hadn't thought about sweeties, they usually get baby wriggling at home so hopefully they'll do the trick next time we have a peek. I'm quite looking forward to the drive to the hospital now as I have license to drink real coffee and eat chocolate ;-)

    Take care all of you x

  • i find coffee and banana works for me!!

  • Strawberries does the job for ours. Goes mental kicking after a tub!

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