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Need a little help please

I am nearly 7 week and I am so ill is the anything other mummies 2 be done to help with them to stop being sick and help them feel better

Thanks for reading

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Different for everyone but you could start with sea bands works on accue pressure on the wrist boots a fiver. Wear constantly ... It works trust me.

Ginger biscuits helped me in early mornings just to nibble on also took on holiday :-).

Switch tea and coffee for green tea much easier to drink and flushes out your system.

Eat little and often 5-6 times a day also helps.

That's all I got sorry Hunni brave with it and soon it will pass I'm sure other mums to be will have better advice. Xx


And congratulations on the pregnancy that should have been my first line, x


Thank you so much I will try anything to help me never felt like this will try and move and get some things tomorrow thanks once again


Your welcome Hun. X


make sure you drink plenty of fluids. if you cant keep cold down. try a weak hot squash. they say its either hot or cold. you can manage one. so try both.

Drink plenty of fluids gives you that perk you need. ready salted crisps also helps me when im feeling sick. i ate them first thing in the morning. kept the multi pack beside me. im still sick now :( at 24 weeks. im sat here with sick bags i piad £20 for on amazon just because they are discreet in my office. lol.

i wish it would disappear but i suffer with Hyperemesis so unfortunately have had a very rough ride with mine.

the doctor will tell you at your stage fluids is the mine thing over food. I spent 4 weeks in hospital on a drip to keep the fluids in me.

Good luck :) x


I had severe sickness from 13-21 weeks, I had to eat rich tea biscuits every three hours, cut down the size of my meals and eat a lot more regularly. This really helped me :)


thank you everyone for the comments and will try everything you have said I am willing to give anything a try :) thanks ladies xx


If ur really need go to ur g.p if ur getting dehydrated them that will make u feel even worse they can prescribe meds to help .. hope u feel better soon x


Drinking juice with ginger helped me and also peppermint tea after the meals but sometimes nothing works lol we just have to deal with it. If you were a princess you could go to the hospital lol


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