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33 weeks 2 days weeks left

Wow can't believe how quick the last few weeks are going!

Just thought I would recap my pregnancy so far, in order for newly pregnant ladies to see what my journey has been like so far!

1) boobies are killing, can barley wear my bra, went to the docs, who had a feel, and looked at me and said 'your pregnant' 'No way, impossible I thought' went home did a test and oh yes I was :). Can you believe it, no period for months so I had no idea ho pregnant I was (I ave Pcos) got a digital test 3+ weeks yeah, nervous though due to previous miscarriage at seven weeks.

2) weeks 3 to 12exhausted, slept so much, cramping, felt like I had a hangover, felt a little sick but was never actually sick, very bad bloating from 8-10 weeks, backache and sore hips and boobies hurting and growing, had a few sharp vaginal pains, known as lightening

crutch.had my booking in appointment at ten weeks with midwife at hospital. Also had two early scan to check all was well. Then the big 12 weeks scan, was so nervous leading up to this but all was well :)

3) 13-21 omg! All day and night vomiting, this did not stop till week 21, anything would make me sick, simply just moving and even an unwashed dish!

These weeks was a blur, very hard! My bump became more visible and was in maternity clothes by week 13. Pregnancy insomnia also started to take hold and very bad back and hips.

Very moody also and emotional. Boobs felt better:)

The very important 21 week scan, I was so happy we found out I'm having a little boy, I cried when they told me :)

That was it, shopping spree!

My first uti came and bothered me and my first experience at the maternity assessment unit, very lovely people and a great service, I had two uti in the end and very bad thrush, all treated quickly and successfully, but warning a uti really did make me feel ill.

4) 22-30 sickness stopped.yeah! Anaemia diagnosed and gestational diabetes - I was very scared and very upset.

Blood testing four times a day, altered my diet, exercising daily, 3 x metformin everyday, for two weeks this helped, but as expected my insulin need would get more as baby grew. So I was started on insulin every evening at 10 pm, didn't think I could inject myself but actually not as bad as I thought!

Had an extra scan at 30 weeks, baby boy is doing fine is 85 percentile, so normal weight, he was about 4.5 pounds :) feeling very heavy, struggle to put my shoes on, and have to roll off the sofa lol, look so pregnant and tummy is so hard, baby boy movements from week 24 are very strong and have noticed a pattern. I waddle now! Had my whooping cough jab, sore arm for two days! Don't be scared to have this the benefits out way any tiny dangers.

5) 31 - today 34 plus 2

Insulin needs are much greater I'm now on 14 units once a day and 6 metformin a day.

Testing my blood four times a day. Only put on 1 pound of weight in five weeks :)

Baby boy is vet active, belly button is sore due to stretching and internal kicking.

31 weeks I noticed I'm leaking colustrum :)

My tummy is like a football, hard and round, tiredness is back, can't walk far and for long,

Braxton hicks are starting to become more noticeable:)

Otherwise I feel great, nesting instinct is very strong.

That's it for the time being, happy healthy pregnancies to u all :)

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Ah it's a rollacoaster pregnancy isn't it.... But u gave done so well and that baby will be here in no time. .. Do u think u got gd because of having pcos? U sound like ur so ready to meet little man xx


Yep sure is, I think that Pcos is definitely the reason I have gestational diabetes, pain in the arse! Or leg where I have to inject.


Can't believe the end is in sight for you now, it will fly by. Will be lost without you on here when you are busy with your little man, feel like I have known you forever with your reassuring comments.....:-)


Thanks Hun, I'm sure I will still pop in and make some comments! I can't wait, I'm sooooooo ready :)


Choo choo the train is soon to stop. Woo hoo. Tiredness and peeing in the night ergh somedays its like i have a hangover. Nesting don't you love it? I found myself under the stairs cleaning it out! How mad is that lol it's the under stairs cupboard for Christ sake, I did make myself laugh. When we look back I'm sure we shall forget it all......until we read our blogs :-) x


Lol my poor hubby has a list of DIY to do :) he's being great and getting it done, tbh it doesn't need doing, but I have already had most of my home re painted now...oops. Well least it will be as perfect as can be for baby boy, and beides I doubt we will have time to do any DIY whilst my little man arrives:)


Nailed it. Pardon the pun lol don't know what's wrong with me today lol. Get him to do whatever it's the only time in your life you can really pester them to death to get stuff done :-) xx


Wow been a heck of a ride for you! but its all worth it :) Good luck with everything! Im so excited for you :) xx


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