Anyone had a growth scan? 34 +2 and being sent for one today or tomorrow, got myself really worried. Went for routine 34 week midwife app

yesterday and tummy was measuring 32, she said babies head was fully engaged but was concerned as at 27 week app baby was measuring 29. I am naturally a small person but belly feels huge so i had no worries before yesterday, She was a trainee midwife and was all in a flap herself but made it sound so urgent faxing hosp straight away , im just waiting to hear back if it will be today or tomorrow. Didnt sleep a wink last night, just wondered if anyone else had had this and what happens at scan, can you see much? Am i over worrying again!


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  • Try not to flap. I had my 1st at 36w and he came out a whooping 7lbs 14oz. If your baby does decide to come early then it's lungs etc will be strong enough for it to cope. The hospital know what they are doing. As if the trainee midwife was just left to deal with you, did she not have an experienced midwife with her for guidance. Ring the midwifes office and see if they have had any response from the faxs. What was she faxing them for, was it advice?

  • Thank you, what a great weight at 36 weeks! the midwife yesterday was a nightmare i had loads of questions as i hadnt seen a midwife since 28 weeks but she knew nothing had to keep leaving the room to ask someone else, then when she came back in had forgotten what she was told, so i was none the wiser on anything, Hosp have just rung got scan at 1.30 so feel bit calmer now, im such a worrier!

  • yeah, I am glad he didn't wait full term or go over term, I would have been swinging from the rafters.

    Good luck with your scan and I hope they put an end to the worry for you. Hopefully you wont have to see the trainee again without having a more experienced midwife with them for guidance.

  • I'm 34 plus 2 as well :) the measurement is not accurate when they measure the fundus especially if your baby is engaged already, it will measure smaller as the head is down! I had a growth scan at 30 weeks coz I have gestational diabetes, he measured fine:)

    I have another at 36 weeks to see his position and weight. I know baby boy at the moment is breech so my fundus is measuring three weeks ahead.

    They will induce you if they feel the baby has stopped growing, or just monitor you a bit more closely like me :)

  • thanks so much for the reassurance, hospital have just rung got to be there at 1.30 so not long to wait. Will feel so much better when i can see her again, these babies certainly like to worry us. Good luck with rest of your pregnancy x

  • Oh I wouldnt stress - Ive had the same thing with the sonographer at 24 weeks and the registrar I was sent too turned around and said - your small you wouldnt expect a big baby plus the growth charts dont take into account size of parents. and ive been told by my multiple siblings - its much easier to give birth when the baby is a bit smaller!!

  • The student should not ave been workin alone and the findings shud ave been checked by a qualified midwife. The nmeasurements are very subjective. Not sure if its a national thing but where I work we we have personalised grow charts individualised to each lady. Measurements are not too import its more that the baby follows the same line (centile). Growth scans are very common. Look at it as a screenin tool such as blood tests and try not to worry x

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