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Boy or Girl?


Well we resisted the temptation to find out if we're having a boy or a girl at our 20 week scan last week, but I find it so strange that EVERYONE thinks we're having a boy.

I literally have no clue, but everyone else straight away says a boy. According to old wives tales and gender prediction etc, it's pretty much half and half. This is our first baby.

Anyone else so sure about what they're having, but didn't actually find out?

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Hi and my partner didnt wanna find out but then we've changed our minds.but they couldnt tell us as baby's cord was between his/her legs lol.i always said i dont mind as long as baby is healthy.after everything i've been through i honestly dont mind.i'm 25weeks now and this is our second baby(our son is nearly 9).i've got 4d scan on saturday only b'cos we want our son to see the baby.but i can see me asking about baby's sex...everyone says its gonna be a girl as its not been easy pregnancy comparing to my first one.and i could eat sweets especially chocolate all the time.i even seen a gypsy lady who read future from my hand lol and she said its a 3more days and i'll let you know xx

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Hope today went well and u were finally able to find out the sex? :-) we're everyone's girl guesses right? So exciting! X


I knew when I was pregnant with my boys that they were boys because I'd carried so differently with my girls...this time I'd say girl but now unsure will be finding out end of the month :) x

In my first trimester I had very strong girl vibes, but not so much now. It's of the old wives tests say boy, a random gypsy family I encountered at work said girl. Delivery will tell!'

I resisted at 20 week scan and I have no idea what I am carrying. I wanted the excitement of finding out at birth, this is my first baby so don't know how babies are carried differently depending on gender, is that not an old wives tail too? X


Im not yet at the 20wk mark of this pregnancy but my eating habits "so far" are telling me its a girl. (13+wks) Im not sure why but i always want something sweet. I obviously dont want to go too far with it but whenever i try to eat something savoury like meat, or stew dishes i start to feel incredibly full.

I could be wrong & im really not too fussed as long as the baby's O.k


Hi hun I haven't found out and also my family members and friends say boy. I haven't got a clue and sooo looking forward to a surprise. Back in June last year I met a physic who told me that I would be pregnant within 3months of seeing her and that a boy was waiting from god. Now I'm all for believing there is another side and im inquisitive .... but in October I found out I was pregnant she had no clue we where trying either that's 4 months from my visit with her. So ill know if she was right by end of June hopefully. :-) I've also been told in the past by two other physic's that I'd have a third child but the sex never came through. I'm prepared for both my son wants a brother and my daughter wants a sister. :-)

Everyone thought our nudger was a boy - scan showed otherwise :0)

I was so sure I was having a boy....I can't even explain why I felt it was a boy....Apart from the fact that I still have a waist & the only weight I have gained is literally on my front! (I am told this signifies a boy, as if you were carrying the weight all around, it would be a girl...But again old wives tales!) BUT.....We had our scan at 20 weeks & wanted to know the gender....It turned out to be a .........BOY!!! :) So we were right all along. If the weight thing is anything to go by as well, it appears to be true!

I was convinced I was having a girl. Most others thought it was a boy and they were right!! Was quite a surprise looking down when he was born to see a little winky looking back!!

everyone was convinced i was having a girl. i was addicted to sweet stuff, have the bad sickness and also the old wives tales say i was having a girl. but clear as day on my 20 week scan he opened his legs to show us his winky! lol x

Hiya, we have no idea of the gender of the baby, however everyone has an opinion, sizes me up with a look and states with great authority it's a girl or it's a boy. My in laws all think it is a girl and my colleagues all think it is a boy. At the end of the day it's just guessing! I haven't a clue but have you had dreams as to the sex of the baby yet? I find that after I dream the baby is a boy I am convinced it is a boy then the same thing happens if I have a dream it's a girl! It's fun to guess but can get a little annoying that people are so definite! Good luck and don't let the guessing get to you. I think there may even be a sweepstake for charity at work, which can add to the fun! X

That's so funny, complete opposite from what you were originally thinking. Even tho I have no idea and as long as it's healthy I don't mind, I'm starting to think we'll have a girl purely coz it's not what anyone's expecting! I've not had any dreams about my baby so far, just a load of random vivid dreams. Also been craving cheese, mmm! X

We didn't find out at our scans what sexs they were but I knew in my head they were boys (dont ask me why). Desperate for a girl this time but not gonna find out at 20w scan as wouldn't mind either way what I am blessed with. If it is a boy will just have to have another. If posh spice can get a girl at the end of it I am sure I will. Might have to sell my car and get a trailer though to fit them all in.

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