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Baby Dolmio Dating Scan...

Hey beauties, so I saw my ever so active Dolmio today! It looked so cute, it's made me so excited for November!!! Oh it's so far away!!!

My cyst called Cynthia has not shrunk but obstetrician said they could inject and drain it through my belly?! Not heard of that before buy will see what they say as pain for unbearable this weekend!

So everything is looking up I guess, but I do have one last whinge: they dated me 13+4, when I know for definite I'm only 12+5! That's 6 days out... :0/ Does that mean I have s big baby?! I wouldn't mind if it was one, but six days... I don't understand how it works.

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Lovely scan picture Hun clear as day :-) x

awww thats a beautiful pic ! so happy for you !! :) xoxo

That's the measurements so that's what they go by...better to be in front than behind! :) they brought me forward 4 days... Sorry to hear your in so much pain sounds awful but glad everything is good with baby! Congratulations xx

Yeah defo better to be in front than behind. They put me 9 days ahead of what they initially dated me at. I never had a lmp to go by so am going purely on their dates.

Great pic and really clear, bet you cant stop looking at it. Are you going to find out what you are having??

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Wow love your pic what a clear hand lovely! I didn't think mine was that clear really compared to u guys x

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I know, the baby was waving on the scan and we just sat and watched it moving, very seriel.

I still remember how I was excited from the first scan. They also got my date 11 days out from my calculations but as you all say, the sooner the better. I feel like you, it is a very long wait. My picture was quite blurred as the little one would not stay still. It is amazing to see how active this little creature is although you cannot yet feel it.

Hope all goes well for you all the way. x

Ur scan pic is so clear, lovely!

If you all look closely, you can see a penguin on his head! It's a sign it'll be into pingu! Haha

Thanks for your comments... I am pretty excited now! I've decided I don't want to know the sex, as I'd prefer for a surprise at the end if all this. :)

What is everyone doing?! Xx

Congratulations, great scan picture. They will now take all measurements from the date they set you.

Aw so happy for you !!!! It's really exciting isn't it, I am due about the same time too, November 9 th xxxx

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