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Recovering from the c section, some good some not so good experiences through the journey


Oh gosh watch out I'm on my soap box again! I feel the need to campaign for the rights of us mums here as we have been left in some cases with the bare bones of a health service and need to actively ask for some.

I had an quote Elective/ emergency c section. Which was as far from the birth that I wanted as possible. I had to be wary of which battles I had to pick to get it!

I was only diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 36 weeks, when it was already to late to put me onto insulin, all we could do was be monitored. On the NHS website it specifies that if I have a bmi of 30 and my closet relatives have any diabetes then I should be offered a glucose intolerance test at 24 to 28 weeks this did not happen. Apparently the goalposts had shifted somewhat, as my consultant explained that my mum would have had to be type 1 and I would now have had to have a bmi of 35. I didn't argue with him on this point, even though I was told that he was one of the persons on that committee who had made these changes which lead to my very late diagnosis, as he could have been against the changes.

So here I was with a macrasomic baby due to my diabetes not being managed, and the very real threat of a baby 12lbs if I went full term. So I was booked in to be induced for one round, and if that didn't progress then a c section. This was agreed by the consultant and I.

I was induced on the Wednesday and came out on the Friday, the prostins were supposed to be administered six hours apart, but due to registrar off sick was left with an 18 hour gap, due to no fault of my own. I was then offered another course of prostins, fearing another three day stint to get going and an ever increasing sized large baby. I reminded them of my notes and what my consultant had agreed with me. He found it most reasonable that me at only five foot tall with a 10 lb plus baby and risk of shoulder dystocia should probably have a c section anyway. Thursday night I was moved from that ward to another still having contractions.

Monday. Booked in for a c section. The last thing I really wanted but I'd rather that than her getting stuck and having complications. The anesthetist and surgical team couldn't have been nicer. All went well and my little one was born without a hitch, I was laid up for a few hours then made to get up and move around, I was glad to have a was, and was told " not to over do it" because I'd just had "major surgery" as the midwife past me some oramorphe.

But! Oh boy, after getting up to breast feed my daughter all night, major surgery, no rest.

" We'll just get your discharge tablets ready then ok ! " " get your baby ready for the paediatrician ( guess who had to push the crib down the corridor ). I went and got showered later. I was shattered major surgery, no sleep and little one was permanently on my breast. I'd just showered in a lot of pain and wanted to lay down for 30 winks, " would you like to try breast feeding in the chair, " could I just rest a bit? I explained lack of sleep blah blah, and I got a huffy reply " were just trying to help you that's all " the Gp came round later, she's asked me if I was still bleeding I said yes very large clots, but I still got the ok to go home, told to buy paracetamol, taught how to inject myself with anti clotting agents and sent on my merry way. I was in tears I honestly didn't. Know how I was going to walk out of the ward. Let alone to the car park, by this time I was exhausted and in tears, I said I couldn't make it and explained that the anesthetist said that most women stay about three days I was told aver sharp No! They aggrieved to let me stay, but I was made to feel so uneasy that I picked a time when I felt a little less pain asked to be discharged and left. Women if you need to stay in Stay strong! If you need home visits after they won't offer them Ask, the same goes for the health visitors. And I hope that the next time some health official goes sarcastically " oh an elective c section. That they should ask why, instead of just assuming.

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I'm really sorry u had a bad time what hospital was you at. I had a elective c section with my twins at 36 weeks and the staff was lovely helped me feed them helped me shower ect I was in two nights and me and the babies was allowed home I was at city hope ur ok x

Congratulations on becoming a mummy :-)

Really sorry to hear that you where left alone for 18 hours and had a bad experience after the section. I remember being hammered to breast feed when I was exhausted after my first its not nice to be badgered. I hope you are ok now and are recovering well x

I was already breast feeding, I was lucky she latched on straight away in the recovery area. I was up and down all night breast feeding her, and not one midwife handed my baby to me to save me from getting back out of bed, I even hand expressed so they could tell how much she was getting. So I had the op and a couple of hours sleep, visitors, up all night. The only problem with breast feeding after a c section is that there is no let up, no breaks and no nice long sleeps whilst family help out.


Good for you it's disgusting and a joke how they shove you out after having major surgery then having to look after a newborn...u have to recuperate!I hope your feeling better, I stay in for 24 hours after a natural delivery....just because I'm so shaky, yes you def have to stand your ground, bless you and congratulations! Xxx

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Thankyou Hun I'm not usually a complainer, and was worried that my posts may seem to negative, but I'm just telling it like it was for me. I will be posting some positive things before I have to stop lol

That sounds a nightmare. I have got to have the glucouse test at 24weeks, my dad only contracted diabetes after a heart attack which is controlled with tablets not insulin but they said I have still got to have the test which I think is silly but will go with what they say.

What did you end up having?

Some hospitals just seem hurrendous, I am glad I have got the pick of two where I live.

I had a beautiful baby girl, the hospital staff were very polite until the morning after my op then they did a complete 180. What stunned me more is when I talked to the midwifes at the local birthing centre knew about this, so it's not uncommon, shocking really.

i am sorry you had a bad time. i have had 3 sections, the first an emergency, had her the Wednesday afternoon home for Saturday afternoon but i had been asking since previous day. my second was planned section had him on the Monday morning home for Wednesday afternoon. my third was born Thursday morning home Saturday evening, but made to wait all day had a midwife didn't pass.any.messages on. from my experience i was always the one to.insist on going.home but only after everything had been asked, size of.clots, how pain was etc. my last section (4-4-13) i didn't have any pain relief after the first day has i personally felt good, a little unsteady at first but i had very.slight pain, nothing sections.

I also had gestasgionaal diabetes but was found at 26 weeks and monitored by insulin. has type 2 and i am a bigger girl. it was only my last pregnancy i had gd, never in my.previous. was it never picked up in your urine?

what was your little ones weight? i personally.bottle feed my babies just because of all of the difficulties from the first one, when i had my daughter, i managed for three days but i struggled because of lack of help for breastfeeding. that was 7 yrs ago. now you do get lots, people.sit and if you are struggling.

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