Holiday to Egypt when 5 months pregnant??

Hi, I am due to pay the final balance on my holiday this week, to go to Egypt in August when I will be 5 months pregnant, we went there last year so all vaccinations are up to date. The only thing I'm worried about is getting a upset stomach (most people get in Egypt). Can anyone recommend whether it's best to go or not?? :)

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  • I would go. I'm going to Canaries in a few weeks and I will be 24 weeks pregnant. I would say just be sensible - only drink bottled water, avoid ice, only eat somewhere that looks decent. If you are careful you should be fine. Maybe ask your midwife for advice about what to do if you were to get an upset tummy. Overall though, holidays during second trimester are recommended so the risk of a tummy upset can't have an impact on the baby I wouldn't have thought. Just make sure you keep hydrated and remember your skin is more sensitive to burning when you are pregnant xx

  • I'd say carry your own bottled water for Egypt .x

  • Oh sorry forgot we are not allowed liquids on flights just be really careful what u eat or drink I came back with a stomach bug 2yrs ago never been back.x

  • u shud definitely go but obviously do all the above but the one thing that people don't realise that carries more germs and causes tummy upset is when ur handling money!! so when ur handling their money or buying drinks/dinner and getting change make sure u wash ur hands after as that is seriously one of the main causes of tummy upset and get some of tht hand sanitizer and carry it with u everywhere, Once u r through security at the airport u can buy liquids and yeh u can have them on the flight (I work at the airport) xx

  • Hey, I went when 16 weeks pregnant for 2 weeks ! as i had never been b4 I didn't have the immunisation and as I was pregnant decided against jabs because of how early pregnant I was.

    I would have been happy to go on holiday abroad but was concerned with going Egypt in the 1st place but particularly so when pregnant but as the holiday was bought and paid for well b4 finding out I was pregnant there wasn't much I could do so went ! with my parents, boyfriend and 3 yo ( they all got jabs ) happy to report no illness from anyone : )

    I avoided salads but did have some! Only ate in the hotel, checked that the ice used was safe, I didn't have any fruit and was cautious on what I did eat but as I was still suffering morning sickness I played on the safe side with flavours any way, omlet for breakfast with toast , chips for dinner, soup and roll with any other bits that took my fancy for t , we had the small hand sanitizer and did use it but not religiously and our hotel was lovely and has outstanding reviews on trip advisor ( top 10 ) reason for choice in the 1st place.

    I didn't use any insect repellent but had a diffuser for the room, I went to chemist to get advice on what I could / couldn't , have / use basically come out with some hydrocautazone cream ( sorry for spelling) but also general good advice too. I'm t total when pregnant anyway but alcohol and heat is no good esspecially when pregnant .

    As u have been b4 u would have good understanding of the place and food, b carefully and think about what ur doing and have a good time

    O im now 24 + 4 weeks pregnant : ) with a girl!

  • If you're going to travel while pregnant, 5 months is definitely the perfect time to do it, as the risk of you experiencing a pregnancy-related emergency is fairly low, and there's a good chance you'll even feel pretty good at that point. I don't have any specific words of wisdom regarding Egypt, but I've found that in general, if you contact the British consulate in the country you're planning to travel to, they'll quite happily send you information about any precautions you should take while you're there, and direct you to any travel advisories specific to your dates of travel. After all, they'd rather help prevent you from getting in trouble abroad than have to help you when you do.

  • take regular normal precaution with water and food. I am now 29 weeks and just back from Santorini Islands (water was my main worry as there is no fresh-water resource on the Island, but I did pretty well with the bottled water from the hotel and the super-markets).

    If you are staying at a resort, let them know about your pregnancy so that they can do their extra bit to pamper you - thats all you need :)

    And yup use the flight socks and sea-bands while flying. I normally dont have any trouble flying, except my ears popping out but this time all was very very smooth !!

  • Enjoy Hun just remember the basics drink bottled water only never eat unwashed fruit and make sure all meat well cooked. Take some medication with you that's suitable for pregnancy just in case. Enjoy your holiday not long now x

  • I would go, I have never been to Egypt before but pack some anti bac wipes and spray in your luggage if if you are going to drink out of a bottle/can of water or whatever just wipe it first if no cups are available. I would say that mainly people get ill from eating from the buffets as most of them may stay standing about for abit and people poking and prouding around at them and any fruit give it a wipe first incase any flys have been on them.

    Ask your midwife if the inevitable does happen and you do get a bug what can you take for it and just take some with you as I dont know if you can easily get hold of mediaction out there.

    Well jelous, enjoy every minute as your holidays will never be the same again when you have children.

  • I went to the South of France last week, flying back at 28+1.

    Make sure you have good comprehensive medical insurance that covers you for more than obstetric emergencies.

  • I went to India when I was 4 months pregnant. . Took my 15 month old son with me for a week. .I just ate plain things made sure everything was throughly cooked I'd avoid the buffet food if u can, stuck to water and juices or of a bottle and made sure I've was made with bottled water rice is well dodgy if it's been left too long worse food poisoning. . And just make sure u have good holiday insurance and find out where the best private clinics are just incase and enjoy x

  • Thank you all for your messages..and for putting my mind at rest.

    I have really been looking forward to this holiday and after hearing your advise and speaking to my midwife I know I can enjoy it just the same.. And then get ready for my Christmas Day baby :)


  • I wouldn't go, but not because of upset stomach. I can't handle heat very well, especially being 5 months pregnant. But if it's alright with you, I think you should go. =)

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