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Being back

Hi Ladies,

It was a great and much needed vacation after an 18 months of chasing deadlines. We went without our electronic gadgets to the beautiful Santorini Island and soaked ourselves in Sun, sea and self !

Remarkably, my back-pain was not as bad and being back in Edi. I can already feel my stamina improved (no more panting while walking few blocs).

The flights were not that bad, I used the flight socks and the baby also responded well so far. Also got priority boarding and seating because of the bump (which was bit funny to me)

Found people in Santorini really welcoming and excited about a pregnant women, they were generous in offering their seats, taking care while walking along me or giving an extra scoop of ice-cream (for the baby). almost everywhere I went, they offered me Decaf coffee without me asking for it.

And I am really feeling happy and pampered now :)

Back home, logged on to the community and came through some good and bad news !

got really sad for Hannah, that is such a huge and sad loss (and having lost a young brother myself I can totally relate to how many million times her family must have read the conversations she shared over this forum). My heart goes out to her parents and Martin.

And it looks like Kelidescope is finally having her little girl in her arms and to an extent I am curious for her next post and baby pictures (if she would share some).

Soaking myself in the Sun across the window and hoping sunny pregnancies and happy babies for all :D

much love


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Sounds like a lovely holiday Hun. My parents are off there sometime before July. :-) loving the extra scoop of ice cream delicious. So not long for me now 7 weeks countdown :-).

How is baby bump doing? And yourself must be pretty relaxed.



Hey Hun ! Wao for your parents going to the Islands - its gonna be pure delight for them as it was for us. Although we got really sun-burnt already (but that was also because we over-tested ourselves on the first day without a Sunscream)

I am amazed that little embroys can take travelling so well. On our way she slept the whole time (made me bit anxious as I cant feel any movement, but there she was with a hard kick as soon as we got off the plane) and on the way back she seemed much playful blowing bubbles most of the travel time :P

How is your health keeping ?


Just what the dr oredered eh. . Sounds lovely xx


Hiya Babymother - yes ! indeed exactly what i needed :)

Infact had the much waited physio appointment yesterday and I had no pain at all to complaint about :P . But lovely Linda was nice and told me all the precautions I must take to avoid future pain outburst.

Also suggested to move to a softer bed and it with my knees below my hip level (so many good suggestions she gave me, and I was amused that so far I was doing everything I was not supposed to do and therefore, the pain :P ) We learn so much while being pregnant !!

How is your pain? Are you doing better now ?


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