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Upset Stomach

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and the past 4/5 days my stomach just seems to digest everything so fast. I get full really quickly and I'm always hungry but my stomach is constantly upset even when I try and eat healthily.

My morning sickness really isn't helping either,

Its like my body is just getting rid of everything I give it really fast.

Rich tea biscuits first thing in the morning are the only thing I can keep down.

I need to find a food that will send my stomach back to solid but that I can eat without it making me feel nauseous.

Anyone help? .

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I had the same problem as u, I was living on ice lollies as a form of hydration and having toast and marmite with no butter, or pasta with a simple sauce, i tried to eat more stuff like pasta and veg just for the energy, but there were days like u when u cudnt eat anything and had to just eat what i fancied as had and still at 22 weeks have no cravings. i just tried to eat food that were dry, no dairy although i started to drink a lot of milk. xx


im not great with pasta as I have IBS and struggle to digest that normally but I can eat little bits of it, so ill try that.

I'll defo try the ice lollies., add it to the list now,

Sent my partner out this morning for granary bread for toast and although it was hard work i managed to eat it!



ah ok, just trying to think what else I ate to help...I did make smoothies, just put loads of soft fruit and some ice in a blender and had tht as didn't fancy physically eating but just drank it through a straw. I very rarely ate an actual meal just snacked on things, I loved salt and vingegar crisps when poorly and cut up loads of veg and just picked at will get btr, I felt ok by about 14 weeks, sounds ages away I kno but will b ok, x


My digestion was one of my worst symptoms in my first trimester, so I do sympathise with you! I found I could only tolerate plain food and had to eat every two hours to deal with the nausea. It took a little while to work out what worked for me-I went round the supermarket (nose held-couldn't tolerate the food smells), just working out what I fancied and didn't. Im sure i looked really odd sniffing at fruit and veg to see what made me go yuck!

Obviously it's a little harder if your diet is restricted anyway due to IBS but I'm sure there will be some things you can manage.

I ended up using a small plate for 'meals' but really I ate 6 small meals a day, which was quite hard as my partner still wanted a big dinner in the evening.

It's probably worth checking out the upset stomach symptoms with your GP? I was told by my fav pregnancy app that pregnancy means we have more progesterone which affects digestion...I had horrible trapped wind and lots of it!!

Best of luck, and keep looking for food ideas to see what you personally can tolerate.


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