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Been listening to Baby Dolmio's heartbeat before bed!

The Doppler is amazing and it's so beautiful to listen to my baby Dolmio's heartbeat to send me to sleep... Baby Dolmio is my nickname for the bean as my partner is Italian :)

I also have my official 12 week scan on Tuesday!! Even though I've had a few scans already, I'm even more excited for this one!! Kinda nervous too!

Hope you Mummy's and Mummy's to be are enjoying your bumps!

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Awwwh! It is good when u hear your baby's heartbeat. Espcially when you've got your own doppler to listen to it at night.

Good luck with your 12wk scan on tues. :-)



Well my friend at work gave it to me. It's pretty old but does the job! Get one off freeBay or try free cycle! Love free stuff I do!


Do love a freebie. .Ohh might have check it the nickname lol good luck with ur scan xx


Ull love ur 12week scan, get to see so much!! Our dates r the same and I couldn't believe the difference 5 weeks made between my scans!!


I borrowed a girl from my mums works doppler last week and it is amazing. I was on limited borrowing time with it so listened to it for ages. Hope your scan went well.


Hi Ladies! Scan went well, and it was jumping around like a little monster! :) she had to poke it so it would turn... "It".... ;)

Still disappointed they dated me 6 days away from my true dates... Does this mean I'm having a big baby?!


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