Baby lying in a funny place - sore

I am 30weeks and my last few days have been so uncomfortable. Baby must me lying in a different position cos I'm sore and uncomfortable. To go from having no issues to waddling cos it's lying on my bladder. I'm also sore just under my breast bone. I don't know what shape it is but last night I had the worst night for lack of sleep and sore belly. Please tell me I won't be like this for my last 10 weeks. Maybe if a prod a bit baby will shift a bit ha!


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4 Replies

  • Yep baby does this to me also, just coming up to 33 weeks :) if you get on all fours and gentle sway your hips side to side and rotate around this helps baby move :) there is a great website called spinning babies, ave a read :)

  • Ohhh that is horrible makes ur ribs really sore and numb. . Remember that! I feel for u x

  • Thank folks for replying. I now think I have a toe right at my ribs. Awkward.........

  • Try getting a exercise ball a carefully sit and bounce on it when uncomfortable it seems to work for me

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