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Any other Haerd of Hearing or Deaf parents/mums-to-be?

I am expecting my 3rd child - currently at 19 weeks. However, 2.5 years ago i was diagnosed with otosclerosis. My hearing has gone downhill very fast and i now rely on 2 hearing aids. I'm really concerned about hearing baby at night and when no-one else is around. I think i'll hear the really loud wailing, but it is things like coughing or quieter distress sounds that i'm worried i will miss. The equipment produced for people in my situation is not affordable e.g. a vibrating pad for under the pillow linked to the baby monitor.

I don't know any other parents with hearing loss, and i'm not sure where to turn for advice or just general reassurance. I would really like to hear from anyone in this situation.

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My mum and dad were born deaf. .u should be able to get these things thru ur local council from social services for the deaf dept free of charge. .. my parents had the vibrating pad and flashing light there are loads of things there to help like flashing doorbell.... smoke alarm get in touch with the council...I hope ur council provides these for you. .. If not then u should be entitled to disability living allowance to help u pay for these things if u need any more info let me know xx


Thanks for your reply. I will contact the council to find out if they can help. Not sure if I am entitled to disability living allowance as I still have some levels hearing - will check this out also. It's difficult finding out where

to get help as I don't know anyone else in my situation and my family are all fully hearing.


My aunt is hard of hearing. .. She gets disability living allowance. . Google disability living allowance it should give u advice on there. .. hope u get the help entitled too.. its difficult when u don't know where to look for help, the ss for the deaf should be able to give u information. . And if ur unsure of anything then pls dont hesitate to ask, let me know how u get on x


Thanks I will let you know x


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