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No question just an update - placenta previa

Hi guys, just a quick update for you.

So I'm now 31 weeks pregnant, still have acute placenta previa with no chance of it moving prior to b-day! That isn't such an issue as baby was being born via elective section anyway.

The main issue is that the docs are concerned that the placenta may have implanted into my old scar tissue in my womb and the worry is they may not be able to remove the placenta without a lot of bleeding or potentially needing a hysterectomy.

I'm actually quite calm about it all as this is definitely my last baby and to be honest as long as baby and me are safe and healthy I will do anything.

After having gone through a neo-natal death and a miscarriage my children are even more precious.

On the positive side there had been talk of me needing a general anaesthetic but my Consultant is happy to do a spinal block with consultant anaesthetist there and consultant delivering baby and blood on standby so that I have the best possible care and if they need to put me under they can.

So I have a specialist scan this week to see if they can see if the placenta is attached to the scar tissue and maybe will know more then.

Will keep updating



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Sounds like they have ticked all the boxes and hopefully it just have a spinal and all goes well... this is my 5th babyand I feel the more nervous this time then in work any of my pregnancies! ...I hope that is not attached to your scar tissue and everything goes well. .. Will they have u in early for the section? Look forward to hearing ur updates take care xx


That was supposed to say any other not work!!! Bloody predictive text!


all the best. i hope you do get to have the spinal block. it is good that they are all prepared and ready. will you have section at 39 weeks? i had my third section on 4-4-13 and it was the best recovery out of the three. the staples were very painful. good luck xx will watch out for your updates


Good luck xx


Ah good luck with everything, hopefully you will be able to have a spinal and be awake for the birth. Your in the best hands with the hospital and at least they are ahead of there game with your delivery so it is not so distressing on the big day.


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