Cramping in early pregnancy

I am 6 weeks pregnant and getting slight cramping in my stomach as though am starting my period am so terrified of misscarrying I just can't relax this is my frist pregnancy so don't really no what to expect

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  • Firstly, congratulations!!!

    Are you bleeding at all? If not, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about sweetie. To be honest every pregnancy is different, and I've had all sorts of cramps, but baby is fine. I'm now 13 weeks. You have to remember your uterus is expanding and so much us happening inside your stomach. Exciting!! If you are really worried, then go to early pregnancy unit at your local hospital. They may be able to put your mind at rest x

  • No am not bleeding at all! Just didn't no if it was normal or not thank you for your message :) x

  • Period- like cramps are the norm in very early pregnancy - I've had them in both of mine so know how easy it is to think the worst! There's all sorts going on in your tum at the moment :-) Obviously any severe pain should be investigated but try to relax, you're likely to feel loads of strange feelings over the next couple of weeks, all of which are totally innocent.

    Congratulations, enjoy the ride! X

  • I felt like that for most of my first trimester, 12 weeks of period pain :-/. I think it's relatively normal, providing there's no bleeding etc. xx

  • No am not bleeding at all! Just didn't no if it was normal or not thank you for your message :) x

  • No am not bleeding at all! Just didn't no if it was normal or not thank you for your message :) x

  • I had cramps on and off but as long as they just come and go quite quickly nothing to worry about. . Ur body is adjusting to being pregnant. .. mine still is and I'm 15 weeks! Congratulations x

  • The day I did my pregnancy test I had aches as though my period was going to come on. After that I had crazy sensations going on in my uterus which would last all day. No one tells you about these things until you come on somewhere like here. I reckon you're just fine. Congratulations btw. xx

  • I have cramping in early pregnancy too. I know its difficult to rest your mind with every twinge! Congratulations !

  • Hi I am 7 weeks and I've got the same. First few weeks were more like sharp twinges but it has now changed to an all over light cramping sensation. I think it's fairly common x

  • I'm 5 weeks and I have the same thing. It started the day before my period was due -making me think I wasn't pregnant and going to start my period, as normal. But no period. Cramping pains were a BIT like period pain, but duller. These went on for the 4 days when I would've had my period, and then slowly subsided. Still have a 'little' bit a week later but fainter.

    I've been reading up about it (as I had the same worries as you) and I read that it can be due to hormone levels; also can be because the muscles in my uterus are starting to stretch and get ready for 'the expansion'! Can also be due to the embryo implanting, apparently.

  • Don't worry, I'm 10 weeks gone and cramp every day, just due to everything stretching and moving. Our body's have a lot to adjust to! But try not stress, I know it's hard, I was the same and have miscarried before aswell but stressing is the worst thing you can do, just try relax :) and congratulations :) xx

  • Coming up to 6 weeks now and had cramping this evening -but no bleeding so hoping everything is fine. Everytime I go to the toilet I half expect my period to have started, but nothing. I'm going for ''No news is good news'' on the period front. Thankyou ladies for the reassurance 7 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks in and still having a bit of cramping.

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