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At 12 week scan they found a 10 x 13 cm fundal fibroid, what are the chances of it dispersing?

So had my 12 week scan yesterday and luckily there seemed to be a happy baby in there plus an enormous fibroid. I had a private reassurance scan 2 weeks ago where it was first detected, but they measured it as 5x5 cm. Yesterday the sonographer was having trouble pressing down on my stomach huge so went looking for a fibroid. She tried to reassure me that they probably got the measurements wrong at the first scan. You can actually feel it by pushing lightly on my stomach. As I've suffering from slow gut transit since being pregnant, I always thought the lump in my abdomen was poo. Doh! I'm really worried about it getting bigger as my uterus has already extended further into my abdomen than it should at this stage. I've been referred to a consultant so they can monitor the situation.What are other people's experiences? Will it shatter as the baby gets bigger?

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Hey Chipper! I'm exactly the same.... Mines 12 cm. I've been extremely bloated and it came out that I had this massive thing taking up all the room! I'm 13 weeks now, am hoping it won't get any bigger! It seems my hospital has not been as attentive or proactive as yours though!

I've been told it'll either go alone, or it'll be removed post pregnancy. It's not going to harm the baby, just will be uncomfortable for you. Pls keep me posted on your progress. I have my "12 week scan" Tuesday. Xx


Yes, I can totally sympathise with the bloated thing! The sonographer pointed at my sticky up tummy and said that isn't your pregnancy that's all fibroid. I wish you the best of luck for your scan on Tues. You never know, once the sonographer takes a look they might get you to ask if you need to see a consultant. That's what mine did. If not, I'll let you know what mine says. I'm going to see them at my 20 week scan, so it will be a little while.

If you're also suffering from slow transit/constipation, I've been taking fibrogel sachets in the evening after my tea and that has really helped. I do it for a few days then have a few days off. Take care. xx


Oh really, so were allowed fibrogel! Where can I get this? :) slow transit is an understatement haha from every day on time, to once a week... I feel violated!

Well I've been pushed from piller to post with my hospital so GP has referred me to new hospital so if I don't see a consultant ill go mad! :)

Hope it all goes ok for your 20 week scan but yes let's keep each other updated xxx


Well all it is a large dose of psyllium fibre and artificial flavouring. It has details of who shouldn't take it on the back and it doesn't mention pregnant women. You can get it in Boots, Superdrug and large supermarkets. Look for it around where they have the indigestion remedies. I would still continue to have a high fibre diet and take this in addition. High progesterone levels relaxes the muscles in your uterus so it can expand. The only problem is that it relaxes other muscles too, like the ones in your large intestines which helps to move the food along. It doesn't cause much of a problem in some people and in others, like you and me, it does.

I hope you get a better experience with your new hospital. Fingers crossed! xxx


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