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Just need clarification plsssss

Yes hv been ttc since january bt lately i notice after havin sex either immediately or hours later wen i clean up i hv this brown sticky discharge,if am nt preg at d moment i shuld be on my fertile days bt am concerned abt dis discharge as i dont know what it means n i notice a mild soreness in my breast for three days nw bt thinkin it myt be d ovulation tho this my first tym of noticin it,bt can anyone pls giv me some clarification as i dont know if dis is ryt.......tanx

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Are you using an ovulation kit? If not i advise you to do so, to make sure you get you most fertile day :)

Discharge should not really contain any colour or smell. If you are having sex soon after your period the colour of the discharge could be old period blood. Get yourself checked out by the doc to make sure you don't ave an infection.

When you lead up to ovulation there are many subtle signs, breast soreness, increase in temp, cramping, but can be the lead up to your period so hard to tell apart.

There is a great website called countdown to pregnancy, your able to track body changes, record your fertile days etc i used this website it's so informative as well :)


when was your last period, 'normally' you ovulate 14 days after the start of your last period do a ovulation calculator on the internet and put your dates in if you havent bought a kit (i never bothered tbh with the kits). If the discharge carries on speak to your doc I would.


This is the bit of your cycle that actually varies dramatically from woman to woman, and very much depends on your cycle length. This works if you are a 28 day, regular as clockwork kind of gal, but not otherwise. The last part of your cycle (ovulation to menses) is 14 days (give or take a day), regardless of cycle length. Thus, if you have a 21 day cycle, you want to be going at it from Day 7, 24 day, around day 10 and so on. Xx


My lmp was 23 last month n only lasted for two days tho its unusual of me am just takin my tym and waitin for my scan which is nxt wednesday,hopefully it tell more info


Medically speaking, and easier said than done, is to stop making sex about a 'procedure' you try and get done on a specific day, and to enjoy it and each other! The more you fret about ovulation dates and trying to conceive, the less likely you actually are to do so! This had been borne out in lots of studies and trials!

The question is, how easy is thus when you are desperate for a baby??!!!


Tanx y'all..started d online trackin last month,am nt worryin myself abt it as i n my hubby hv sex regularly bt just wonderin d sudden change tho its nt smelly nor itchy just a bit concerned abt it bt tink i can calm down a little ,tho i hv a scan scheduled for next week i belive it shuld xplain more into details....tanx ladies realy appreciate


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