When can I do a pregnancy test

I'm on the mini pill but haven't had a period since I started the pill 7 months ago. This week I forgot to take my pill for 3 days and had unprotected sex on the 2nd day, since I realised I have been taking the pill again, but am obviously concerned I could be pregnant. As the normal "when your period is due" rules don't apply, when is the first time I could accurately take a pregnancy test?

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  • About 2 weeks x

  • It takes 14 days fro implantation and fertilisation :)

  • I would wait a couple of weeks before you do a test as if you have caught and your hcg levels are low the pregnancy test might not pick it up and give you a negative reading.

    Get a good brand test like clear blue I would. I got a supermarket own brand when I tried on the 15th feb and it read negative but I am now 15 weeks pregnant. Good luck:-)

  • When I was on the mini pill I never had a period. The doctor also told me if you missed a few you would probably still be safe. I often missed a few and was always fine. When I wanted to get pregnant it happened really quick so I'm guessing when I missed a few pills I was safe cos of the pill. But if you think u might be pregnant and have a real inkling perhaps you should stop taking the pill now. You will prob have a period then if you're not and if you don't have a period a couple of weeks after you could do a test then? X

  • I was on the mini pill when I got pregnant first time and it took weeks to come up with a positive test-I know thats not what you wanted to hear but I would leave it a couple of weeks and then start doing one a week until you know one way or the other. ie. have a period or a positive test. I realised I was pregnant at about 6 weeks gone but didn't get a positive until I was 13 weeks.

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