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Confused, worried and really unsure if im right??? Advice please?


Hi, i'm Charlie, and i would really like some advice.

I've recently had my coil removed, which was in the middle of March. Ive recently got with my boyfriend of now 2 months, and the first day of my last period was on 23/04/2013 and lasted round about 4 days, im usually irregular, so my period can differ to each month. I stopped on the Friday morning and had sex with protection on the Saturday night but im not sure if it worked, or wether it split. It was during the night so couldnt see, and my boyfriend got rid of the condom as soon as he removed it. Also, because ive been feeling sick, especially when i have a ciggerette, or eat something first thing in the day and been getting headaches aswel as the odd cramp, i know its way too early but i just wanted some advice on what you thought. And what steps to proceed too that you think would benefit me. Baring in mind ive had the coil for 3 years and i have a 3 year old already. My cycle went back to normal within the first period after having my coil removed. I think i could be pregnant, as i havent started the pill as of yet, as i wanted my fertility to go back to normal before i started. If you could give me some advice, that'd be apprecietive. Thank you! :)


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'Normally' you wont be fertile until 14 days after the start of your period so I would very much doubt that you are pregnant tbh. If you dont come on next month then do a test.

Normally when you come off the pill or coil you ill gave a withdrawal bleed, which you had, then normally you ovulate anything from 10-18 days after your last day of your period. Then it takes seven days for the sperm to fertilise your egg, you at then get implantation bleeding, I did, then seven days later or there about you should test either positive or neg!

I would wait 30 days to see if you come on, if not do a test to double check if you are pregnant or not. So test around the 23.5.13.

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