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32 weeks 3 days

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Went on my tour of the labour ward last night and the postnatal ward, all very nice, wish I could be in the birthing centre but can't coz of the diabetes.

However much more exciting.....

I have started to leak colustrum, I noticed it today after my shower, I felt a bit freaked out but actually it's a good sign that everything is in order as I plan to breast feed:)

What weeks did you ladies stArt producing colustrum I know for some it very early other only when baby arrives?

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When both of mine arrived, my boobs didn't actually get much bigger until after I had had them.

The hot water in the shower will probs of stimulated them to leak. I never breast feed my 2nd at all and I remember having a shower and he was lay in the bathroom while I grabed 5 mins to myself and if he started crying my boobs would just start leaking, it was weird.

You haven't got long left now bet you are counting down the days.

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I heard that some omen leak when they ate around babies, my sister is bringing her baby down this weekend, will see what happens.

Oh yeah can't wait just want my little man to arrive, anything from 38 weeks old be great :)

I had a tiny drop in bra the other day.... I'm really pleased as I didn't know if I would be able to breast feed this time due to some complications but looks like I will be able to! I've had it leak all in my bed before, woke up to a nice wet patch, lol having gestational diabetes dine they induce u early any more? X

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It depends if my sugar levels went really bad then yes they would, the only thing is they won't let me go over due, so if by the 25th June I'm not in labour they will induc me:) I'm hoping and going to ask to be induced at 39 weeks, I'm really big now don't see it's possible for me to grow bigger.

If baby boy decides to over grow then they induce ealy, but so far he is 82 percentile.

Ohhhh not too long then bet it will fly by :)

Snap in the last week I've noticed it too :-) like megzey said when baby crys they leak, with hot water even more.. Stick some water on flannels and put in fridge they sooth your breasts so well when you start breast feeding x

Ok cool, will do :)

I am 38 +3 days and I started leaking colostrum at 30 weeks as my neighbour just had a little girl its weird how it happens I just use the cold flannels like allyemo1985 says. I can't wait for my little man to come I've been getting the signs he's wanting to come :)

What signs are you getting? How exciting :)

A lot of pressure and feeling very sickly and a few pains and my body cleared it self last night I phoned my MAU last night as the feelings I had was strange but they reassured me that its just my little man telling me he is wanting to come my midwife called me this morning to ask how I am this morning she told me to keep her updated. :)

Wow sounds like he won't be too long, fingers crossed, are u having contractions ?

very mild ones at the minute my partner has me resting and is running around after our daughter and is putting the times of them in the diary so when the time comes to go to the hospital they can see how long I've had them for :)

Good luck Hun xx

Oh good luck Hun! I didn't realise that I had leaked my nipples seemed crustyand I thought I might have been, in retrospect it was. Also watch out for your other boob leaking in sympathy when you're feeding with the other one, I thought little one had wet herself, poor pickle being accused of weeing when it was mummy all along.

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