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Confused what to do:(

Help please.

I had my first scan at 12th week. My mid wife said i'll have next scan at 16 weeks with the GP. Today i called GP and they said they don't do any scans. They are all done by midwives. I am new to UK. So don't know what is the procedure here. I am not even sure what midwife said was a scan or was it just an appointment with GP? Can anyone please help me. Can someone please tell me what to do when you are 16 weeks pregnant.??

(I have normal pregnancy with no complications)

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your next appointment should be with midwife at 16 weeks. then after that a 20week scan. You should of had bloods done around now also. and if wanted to you have your bloods for down syndrome test at about 18 weeks.

if your pregnancy is fine you only have two scans. dating scan at 12weeks and Anomaly scan at 20 weeks.


Thank you so much Laurah. :). Now i know what to do. Your answer is much appreciated. :)


12 weeks scan, 20 week scan, inbetween are appointments only with midwife:) you should have been given a pathway sheet that lists what week to do what and which tests will be given?


Exactly what Laura123 said. Just ring them and see if they have got you booked in for your 16w check up with the midwife.


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