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I am 22 weeks pregnant and feel good, I walk quite a lot at work (Gatwick airport) and as its quite big to get from a to b I have to walk a lot and hav noticed over last week or so have noticed then when I walk for a long time I feel the area on the right of my belly where my bikini line is tightening, it doesn't hurt but just feels tight at times, was wondering if this is normal?

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  • Yep get this, today infact I have walked a lot, I get a pain in my public area onnte bone, plus ligaments aching under my belly and today and. Few times before my belly goes hard, I wonder if its braxton hicks also :)

  • I have also felt similar tightenings when on my feet for half an hour or longer. I think it does feel like braxton hicks but wasn't expecting them until later in my pregnancy (currently 18 wks 4 d ). After a quick internet browse the general picture i got is that the braxton hicks are usually first felt at around 20 weeks, but can be earlier in subsequent pregnancies.

  • I'm 21 weeks and I feel my belly tighten sometimes, I don't let it worry me, there is always something new to experience, some good some bad, am just going with the flow, I'm not too far from you Ceribean :) X

  • I asked my midwife about this she said if its your second third or so in its normal because your stomach muscles arent as strong as your first pregnacy but if your worried speak to your midwife. what i do when that happens to me is walk slower

  • I think what you're experiencing is totally normal. I am 34 weeks and get this every time I walk up the hill towards the station in the morning. And I've been getting it whenever I do light exercise since at least 20 weeks. I assume they are braxton hicks, since they are painless. For me, they usually go away once I am stationary again xx

  • Hi I get exactly the same including pain in my pubic bone / front pelvis when walking all the time weather alittle or alot and me bump is very uncomfortable and hard do to where baby is lying. I have spoken to my midwife and they are not braxton hicks they dont come till much later in pregnancy (im 25weeks). Its your muuscles and ligiments stretching to compensate for baby and the extra weight been carried on your pelvis specially when walking so nothing to worry about. If it becomes to painful you may need a pelvis support strap to hold everything in place (i.e hips and pelvis bone- like me) I have bad hips as was born with dislocation in both hips and when carring my first baby and this one I was getting more and more pain the bigger I got, its not unusual but keep an eye on how unconfortable it is.


  • thank u ladies, glad this is bit more normal, It doesn't hurt as such just a strange feeling, if it gets really bad will see my midwife but it looks pretty normal. so will just take it easy x

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