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Recently had Implanon removed to try for a baby

I'm 35, and gor married last year. We're trying for a baby now, fingers crossed it all works out.

I had two implants consequtively for the last 4 1/2 years as they stopped my monthly bleeding completely, and I normally have very heavy painful periods which can be very irregular in timing and length, and have never had a 'normal' cycle.

I had my implant removed about 6 weeks ago. After six days I had one day of very light bleeding (for me anyway) and have had nothing since. I did a pregancy last week which was negative.

Has anyone else come off Implanon recently?

How long did it take for your bleeding pattern to return to normal?

How long did it take for you to get pregnant?


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I had the implanon implant removed on Jan 15th. I had my first period on feb 14th (30 days later) then another lighter period on March 7th (exactly 28 days later). I am now between 7/8 weeks pregnant with my first child (i'm 34).

When I spoke to the nurse who removed my implant she told me that unlike the pill/ injection your body usually adjust really quickly. She said you could even fall pregnant before you would get your first period.

I had my implant in for just under 2 years.

Other than giving you information on my own situation, i'm definitely not medically qualified to give you any other advice other than keep trying.

I hope everything works out for you

Keep us posted.

Take care.


I got my implanon removed last sept. my periods came not long after that and were regular. I never fell pregnant until new year. Good luk x


Thanks very much, I wondered how it had been for others


I had a Implanon implant removed in Sept 2012 & my periods started almost straight away. Even though i was being sexually active before & after removing the implant i didnt fall pregnant until end of Jan / Beginning Feb 2013.

I guess every woman is different & I also believe things happen in due course as my life was a Lil' too hectic when i 1st removed the implanon & couldnt imagine being pregnant with all of that performance in my life.



I had the implanon removed in march last year and fell pregnant in July. Periods returned about 2 months after properly :) xx


Read your complete story how long did you spotting last I'm going through the same thing. But I have only had light spotting this time in haven't made it to the other times yet.


Hi the post is from 2012 so long ago. I think it lasted for a couple of months but not sure now as it's been so long.


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