Sharp pain in my right and left lower abdomen

Dont think am preg tho ttc for months nw bt recently i do feel this sharp pain in my left n rigt abdomen (tho at intervals) my Lmp was last wk bt came only for two days n was very light,only used a pad for each day which is unlyk me,even at d moment since last night been havin the pain in my right abdomen cant figure out wat is causin this.....pls can anyone help ? And any idea of how to get pregnant faster would be appreciated if given tanx in anticipation.

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  • Could be your ovulating so this would be the best time to try!! X

  • Do u mean it is possible to ovulate some days ealier? The both sides are beginin to pain me nw

  • Hiya, that's a bit odd that your period was so short if that is unlike you. I had a short period with my first and was light and only lasted a few days so just assumed it was a period. Do a test in the morn if you can as you may have already court. I started taking folic acid when I was ttc. Good luck.

  • Tanx...did a test dis morn bt am unclear of wat i saw so all i did was assume its negative n flung it for d folic acid hv been takin it tho finished at d moment bt wil get anoda ASAP...tanx...xoxo

  • Get a clear blue digital test it spells it out for you no mistakes!

    You could be pregnant seeming you had a very very ligh period infact it migh have been implantation bleeding, if o you need to test in seven days:)

  • Tanx...will do a test hopefully its positive as i dont want to start raising my hopes high...

  • Good luck, it is so exciting.

  • As we get older we are more likely have twins that are non identical because u release an egg from each ovary. .. so is start trying asap!!!! X

  • Tanx so much....

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