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32 weeks pains ??

hi ladies im new and need some advice please....

my baby has been engaged now for around 3 weeks and i now have a misaligned pelvis.

also for the past couple of days i have been getting strong period pains and lower back pain but it is not the consistent pain i am having due to the pelvis could i be going in to slow labor? ..... this is my first baby so i really do not know what to expect and midwife never answers the phone ..... thank you in advance :)

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Hoya, I'm 32 weeks 3 days pregnant, I have had a bit of pressure and when walking I can feel very heavy and waddle! Also my pubic bone is sensitive, my midwife said its spd.

Lower back pain has come back in the last two weeks for me, again to to with spd, basically the babies head is pushing the pubic bones apart ready for delivery, this causes pain when walking or twisting, or getting up movements.

Strong period pains on the other hand is not right and needs to be checked out, this with the back pain could be a sign of early labour, but then again it could be nought!

Take yourself into hospital to be checked over, good luck :)


Hi defiantly go get checked over better to be safe than sorry. It may be to do with your misaligned pelvis or it may be Braxton hicks. But you defiantly don't want early labour just yet. Let us know what the midwife /doctor says x


I had a show at 32 weeks and then started having what I would call strong braxton hicks. .went to hospital and they were contractions, they managed to stop them, then 9 Years later when I was visiting my friend in Spain at 32 weeks started to get regular braxton hicks went to the local hospital and yep was having contractions! Again they managed to stop them. . The first time the dr said to me if I was 34 weeks she would of let me carry on but 32 weeks is just that bit too early because of the baby's lungs. .I was given steroids to mature them just in case, so don't leave it any longer give ur maternity dept a call xxx


I went into labour with my first at 36weeks. It started on the Tuesday and thought I had a chill on my back so didn't go into work and just lay on the sofa. I just thought I was getting a cold tbh. I started having tightening across my tummy which I thought was braxton hicks as it didn't hurt. I had a midwife app on the thurs and my tummy was still tightening but had a slight period type pain behind it, In my app my midwife said 'they are contractions not braxton hicks'. That evening the pain got worse & closer together so went into hosp to get checked out and I had him on the Friday morn.

How are you feeling now?


Hi ladies sorry its taken a while to get back but I had quite the experience .... It turned out I was in slow labour for 2 weeks !! Arrived at the hospital and was 7cm(cut a long story short) the stupid hospital then left me for 2 days only on gas and air!! Then told me my son had pushed him self back up and I was actively pushing my bladder down !! So had to have an emergency c-section!! They sent me home the next day ! My stitches then got infected and I have only just recovered fully andy son is now almost 3 months !!! Very bad experience


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