First scan!

Hey girls!

Well had my scan yesterday at 11weeks and 5days and thankfully everything was looking great.......apart from the fact that my womb was too low and should b further up by now. So had to have an internal and the doctor was able to move it into the correct position and had to put in a ring to hopefully keep it there. Ithasto stay in for 7weeks, a bit of a nasty shock as I really ain't prepared myself for what was gonna happen and ave been totally dreading anykind of internal examination. However, it wasn't tooooo bad (with the help of holding the midwifes hand as my hubby thought he was gonna pass out!!). I'm thankful I was called early for my scan as it you can b upto 14-16weeks and apparently the baby wouldn't have had enough growing room. Seeing my baby was amazing though and has really made it all seem more real!!


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  • Ah good news glad it went Ok and they picked it up and dealt with it must of been a bit of a shock but sounds like u got ur head round it... lovely to see it bouncing around its such an amazing thing be able to carry your baby and feel it move and grow inside us. .. us women are pretty amazing creatures xxx

  • Just about got my head around it, the doctor said it happens to about 25% of women......just my luck!! Up until now my idea of hell was a smear test but I think I'll get there, and get a little braver, all happened so quickly yesterday that I just had to get on with it!! Women certainly r amazing, my scan picture shows baby's eyes and everything, it's safe to say I'm already in love!

  • Aww congratulations!! Really pleased for you, it really is the best feeling in the world isn't it. I'm loving every moment of it and hope you do too xx

  • waooooooooooooo

  • How ruddy excitng for you sweetie!! I have mine on Tuesday and I cannot wait!!! :)

  • It's great duppy, hopefully ull get a nice clear pic!


  • OMG! I've never heard of your womb being in the wrong place. Well done you for being brave; and great news that your baby is healthy. Congratulations :D

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