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25 week pregnant and morning sickness kicks in again :-(

Ok so I had bad morning sickness and nausea in the early stages of my pregnancy including hysteresis I couldn't stand to be in someone eases car or even walk around as I was having motion sickness. All symptoms eased off at 14 weeks but guess what?...

I thick I'm starting with it again, the past few weeks apart from work stresses has been easy in relation to my pregnancy and since Saturday I have been feeling grotty, more tired, short tampered and really sick so sick that I can manage a full meal again and having to eat little and often throughout the day. Not very nice at all specially when I'm still working full time and feel like i need to sleep half way through the day and having to be up early in the mornings doesn't help.

Has anyone else experienced this before?



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I'm 32 weeks and its creeped back now. I have sea bands they work a treat worth the fiver investment for boots if your suffering Hun. My mother in law who gets car sick also bought some swears by them now. X


Hiya, what a nightmare sure were only meant to get it at the beginning of pregnancy, then again its not surprising I feel sick with this little tinker spinning and kicking away all day.

Good thing I guess means shes normally asleep all night just hope she keeps up the routine when she arrives lol.

Thank I have got sickness bands I used them earlier on and in my last pregnancy to but there not doing the trick at the moment, I feel better this afternoon since I have been eating every half an hour (just little picky things - dont worry I'm not been a pig lol)



i have used sickness bands since 14 weeks. havent taken them off (only to bath and shower). i suffer with hyperemesis so constantly sick from 6 weeks. i was discharged from hospital at 13 weeks and only around 16 weeks did the sickness start to settle because i was prescribed a steroid treatment to help it reduce. they have since taken me off them and the sicky feeling and sickness has returned. :( i try pick on foods as often as possible. whether its ready salted crisps, some plain cereal (like honey nut cornflakes), toast. and sip water. if your dehydrated it makes you feel more sick. so drinking fluids will help you a little.

i purchased sickness bags off the internet, (cost me alot) but come in handy as i was carrying around a big bowl first of all. lol. xx


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