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Anyone else having problems with work?

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Just need a rant really, so sorry! I'm 14 + 4, and the last few weeks I've been really struggling with sickness, and last week sciatica. Most days I've got on with it and gone in to work, which I haven't found easy, but who does? I'm a cover supervisor, so only get told at 7am where I'm working that day and what I'm teaching. Over the last two weeks unfortunately I've had to call in sick three time, twice due to severe sickness and then last Friday because my sciatica was so painful I couldn't move my right leg. I know that's a lot of time off in two weeks but I was hoping for a bit of understanding and support due to being pregnant - I should be so lucky! Instead I've been told that one of the schools I go to regularly no longer wants to use me because of the time I've been off. I've also not been called and offered work today, when normally I would be. Really quite angry, and tempted to tell them where to stuff it, not that that would accomplish much :s

Anyway, rant over, sorry. Anyone else had similar problems and how did you deal with them?

Hannah xx

10 Replies
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Aww you poor thing that sounds nasty, and I know exactly what you feel like with regard's to the sickness...Have you told your employer that your pregnant? Because if you feel like they are discriminating against you by not offering you work because of the situation you may have grounds for a case against them! I know its not a nice route to go down, but if they are going to be like this over a couple of sickness days what are they going to be like when you have to go to lots of doctors app's and scans etc...Unfortunately my pregnancy is a bit difficult as I'm having twins and have been signed off work for the last 5wks and again now for a further 3wks and they have been horrible to me and now I'm unlikely to return. Don't let your situation get as bad as mine has without standing up for yourself xx

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Allyemo1985 in reply to emmaeyelashes23

Good words Emma stand you for yourself. It's not a nice route to go down but once your pregnant your employer has to be very careful how they treat you. I'm sorry to hear they have been giving you grief they have no sympathy sometimes and need to be reminded that yes you are pregnant and you do have rights to time off for appointments etc. I hope twin pregnancy is going ok other than the sickness x

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Aw Emma that sounds horrible, I'm so sorry you're going through that! Yes they know I'm pregnant, I told them very early on as I was struggling (still in work all the time though!) and wanted them to know why. The agency and the actual school both know. I've spent this morning applying for other positions, just part time work but I think I need to take it a bit easier than I have been without being made to feel guilty for it. With their attitude I'm now very reluctant to keep working for them, but as I'm self employed I have to otherwise there's no money coming in (husband is an actor, in good work for the next four months but after that who knows?). Thanks for your kind words and advice hun, it's nice to hear that I'm not being an unreasonable diva. Hope you feel better soon xx

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I know how you feel completely!!! I'm 9 weeks and suffering from bad HG. Anyway when I was 6 weeks pregnant, around the time I found out I was pregnant, I was taken into hospital as they thought it was an ectopic. I phoned work and explained the whole situation. They said they totally understood and would take me out my shifts for the morning. I went through a really hard time a week after and was signed off for a week. They were really horrible to me once I was back in work and gave me over 65 hours when I told them the doctor told me to take it easy!!! I've been applying for new jobs recently as this job dosent pay great and they are threatening to shut down our area of the company. I got offered a new job last week, the woman said she would be phoning me this week to tell me the start day. Anyway she phoned me yesterday telling me they didn't want to take me on!! So I asked why and my work had given me a bad reference deeming me unreliable!!! And this was all due to the week I was signed off!! I've never been so upset and cried half the day,

I do so much for the company I work for and this is how they repay me? I felt the exact se as you I didn't even want to go to work today, I wanted to phone and quit straight on the spot! It's the worst feeling ever, it's all women I work for and you would think they would have some compassion as they all have had kids and one of them had severe HG like myself! But no, all for yourself I'm afraid!! I hope all works out for you, and don't stress out to much. I myself am going to citizens advice to see what I can do about them giving me a false reference!!xx

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That sounds awful Hun. The fact they have given you a bad reference takes the mick ! When I got sacked it was all a women orientated office and they hadn't had kids. Whatever you do don't quit , you can always see the doctor and be signed off. It won't go down well at work but if timed right with maternity leave they can't touch you Hun. X

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Oh no, that's terrible!!! You poor thing, I hope you get it sorted :S you're right though, it's not worth stressing over - we've got more important things we need to be focusing on :) xx

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Just be careful Hun a few years ago I got sacked when. They found out I was pregnant they would pull me up and try to catch me out. Worked on phones and with morning sickness being all day on and off I sometimes had to run to loo and leave the customer on hold. Anyway it got to 22 weeks and the doctor put me on sick leave for 4 weeks due to stress and work causing high blood pressure. After the time off I went back and got immediately escorted to office where I was told I was now sacked......needless to say I got straight onto a solicitor and after a year and half and court case later .... I won the battle against the big guys. Make sure you know your rights and I'm sure you,ll be fine 3 days off is nothing in two weeks and they sound cheeky to say they don't want you because of that.! X

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Hi I have read all the above comments and hate the thought of you all being in that position as I no myself and how hard it is and don't like the sound of anyone going through it.

I am 25weeks pregnant and I have had a hard time from the start with hyperemisis including motion sickness I was so bad I was on medication for it and was put on the sick for 2 weeks then a further week for it, I hate been off work to start with as I am office manager and I no I am needed there however I also have a really good PA who covered for me fine. The company I work for is a family run limited company (husband and wife) I have worked here 6 years and they have 4 children of there own so they completely understand what its like being pregnant specially when I already have 4 year old daughter with very poor health and kidney problems due to premature birth. Although everyone seamed fine with me after coming back from been on the sick for 3 weeks "he" was different he didnt speak to me for a few weeks and instead of asking my to do things he was going through my PA and since then I have had a nightmare spoken to like absolute *s**t having so much stress and carry on its unbelievable considering how long I have worked here and they have always been like friends to me. Whilst he is in the process of not speaking to me "she" came to asking about plans after I have the baby and said she doesn't no how I will cope and offered me redundancy which I was completely take back and upset by (she said it as though she was doing me a favor) I didnt even think about it as I fully intent to work part time after having the baby although have agreed to take my full 52week entitlement and start me maternity leave at my earliest date of 11 weeks prior to my due date. I also confronted my management about the way I was been treat from (her husband) always a tricky on as she obviously defends him as thought nothing improved so it got worse and worse for the past few weeks and last week I was going home in horrific moods, stressed and upset and felt like I didn't want to come back to work (you might have seen my post "work is getting to much")

Anyway on Monday this week I was pulled into a meeting with the manager complaining about my attitude and disrespect for her husband and others in the office feel like they are walking on egg shells around me (can you believe it I was furious) anyway I agreed with everything she said yes I have been snappy and annoyed but if others can speak to me in that way they I will treat them the same and needless to say they don't like it, hence the meeting. Afterwords i laid all my concerns out and exactly how I felt and said it only seams to be because I am pregnant (or that's how I feel anyway). Anyway since Monday's meeting everything has been lovely and everyone being really nice, lets see how long it lasts.

If I were you I would call and meeting with your manager or agent and lay down how you are feeling they have to be so careful when your pregnant think I scared the poo out of my boss when I told her all my rights and the fact we have the right to take time off for appointments, illnesses and any pregnancy related classes including aquanatel which I dont attend as I no I have been off sick alot and kind of doing them a favor. If your really struggling do to citizens advise or call Pals and see what your options and entitlements are!

Good luck hope you get sorted soon XX

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Hi Hannah,

Its horrible when your place of work give you no support. Have you ever thought of working for yourself, part time around your family earning a full time wage? I might have the answer for you. I have a young family and Im currently working to get myself out of my current employment as they treat you just like a number. Im so sorry your not having a great time at the moment but it will get better. If you would like to know more about what I do please let me know, I would love to share this amazing opportunity with you. It costs nothing to find out!

Hope your feeling better soon, take care.


Hi was reading all ur comments, disgusting how they treat u but u have got rights, my employers tried get me to leave when I was pregnant because I was bleeding and had to have time off, they even asked another colleague if what I was saying was true! So i put them straight asked them if their wanted a drs letter.. They soon changed their tune... discussing my situation with other employees! So wrong. .when ur pregnant ur actually entitled to more breaks as well! Think it's another15 minutes a day. . Butif it gets too much take them to an employment tribunal u don't have to have a solicitor but obviously helps if u can afford it. . These employers hope that u don't know ur rights but when u hint that u do is really funny how they crap themselves even leaving a leaflet on ur desk so they see it is a subtle hint. .:) a holes is all I can say!

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