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Brown Discharge

laurah123 profile image 22 and half weeks. went to the toilet today and in ym underwear there was some light brown discharge. bit strange. got a wierd feeling ive got yet another UTI. (they seem to be reoccurring with me)

Has anyone else experienced brownish colouring at this stage?

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Yeah brown discharge is quite normal dont worry to much about it, just put a pad on if it continues over a few days as might stain your pants.

i suffered at beginning of pregnancy with loads of bleeding and it ended up being a UTI. and when i was admitted to hospital with hyperemesis they treated the UTi through my drip. but my body is prone to infections for some reason

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Megzey in reply to laurah123

What does UTI mean (sorry)

Urinary Tract Infection. can lead to kidney infection (which it did for me) x

OMG really you poor thing it is horrible having a kidney infection, I would just ring your midwife and let her know that you have started to have abit of brown discharge, no harm in it. If it gets worse can they give you antibiotics to try clear it up?

yes i can be put on antibiotics for them. just cant keep them down. its a hard process. i will ring my midwife. when i last went to her though there was traces of blood in my urine. always has been, and all she said was ask my doctor for a pessary as its probably thrush. (great help!!) x

God they are crap aren't they. Thrush is a nightmare, I was like a raving looney with thrush towards the end of my last pregnancy. Good luck best to get it checked out.

Still get it checked out uti's can kick of contractions.. They will get u on check u out andgive u antibiotics.. always best to get it checked x

i will ring them now. im just finishing work so will be able to call them. x

I had two uti, both treated with cephalaxin and then this bought on thrush so treated with a pessary :) and brown discharge, plus increased discharge, sore back, and blood in my urine was my symptoms.

I had a brown discharge many times and the first time i've lost gush of brown consultant said its better when its brown blood than pink.but all the test i had did not show UTI.i had a smear test done as well but that was ok.i've been told thats the beauty of my pregnancy!great. I suffer from thrush all the time.once a week i use a pessary but they thinking about changing it for different one as canesten doesnt work for me.i drink Yakult every day,eat healthy,have cranberry juice and fruits but still no good.last week they put me on metronidazole as i had bacterial vaginosis.i think it was my fault as having thrush i kept washing myself there many times a day.and obviously the balance between bad and good bacteria is not the same so probably thats the reason i had it.if you concern dont wait just ring your midwife if you can (mine never answers her phone). Good luck xx

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What pessary do u use I find the tablet one not so good but the internal cream or the soft gel pessary better x

I use canesten but my dr said i can try different thing like that be honest i'd prefer that gel cos i dont put deep enough the pessary as i'm bit scared xx

i spoke to doctor who issued me a pescription over the phone for cream. its external cream though so dont know how that will work. they did tell me using the pessary to close together often doesnt work.

she also adviced i have a swab. (didnt think they were allowed when your pregnant ?)

ive had thrush throughout due to being in hospital and having antibiotics through drip. so im hoping its just thrush and it will work. im off for my swab Friday morning xx

They can do swabs as they dont put that stick to deep,they have to check it somehow.i had a smear test done 6weeks ago and they told me in hospital that was safe.i guess they know what to do.i dont trust creams as they external and only getting rid of itchiness.good luck on friday xx

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