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Antenatal classes

Hello Ladies

I hope this note finds you all well.

I am currently 28 Weeks + 6 Days and I am wondering when I should start booking and going to classes? My midwife appointments last about 5 mins each time and generally find them to be very unhelpful...

And what about birth plans when should we start organising those?

Your advice is highly appreciated, thanks in advance :)

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Book your antenatal classes ASAP, I left it late so have to go to classes without hubby :(

Birth plan from now onwards, haven't started Mine yet (32 weeks today) but might do it next week :)


I would go to classes so ask your midwife to give you the info and book yourself in. I found them very usful with my first and even got to look around the labour suites which I found reassuring to when the big day finally arrived. You will also meet ladies that may be on the ward with you after your little one is born. I never actually made it to the last class as my first deicded he was coming out at 36weeks.

Birth plans go out the window I think when you are actually in labour but everyone is different and your hospital might actually read yours (unlike the hosp I went to), instead THEY thought I might want a water birth and no drugs where as I actually can not stand water and wanted all the drugs under the sun. Make it clear what you want.


Hi! i left it late tto book my classes, I called to arrange about 4 weeks ago, we wanted weekend class due to working shifts. the next available slot was 1st/2nd June! Just 4 weeks before baby is due!! so as per the advice from skyblueboston... book in ASAP!!!

As for your birth plan, think this is something you discuss with the midwife, although i see yours isn't that helpful? i must be lucky as mine has been fab! she is coming to my house on Tuesday to make the plan, she arranged this at my 26 week appointment.

If she is not very forthcoming with putting a plan together there is lots of examples and info on line, NHS site is good and also BabyCentre

Good Luck!



Check your maternity notes - you may find the details on how to book hidden there (that's where my MW hid them at my booking apt! Do book them soon though, as demand outstrips supply massively xx


I've already booked mine and I'm due october. I know what you mean about the mw, sometimes feel like you're just being processed without time to ask questions, good luck!


Thank you ladies for all your help. Will defo book ASAP.

I'm go grateful I have somewhere to ask questions!


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